Mix-Tape Master

… is what I am, I is! 117 out of 180:

You are a music evangelist. (…) You understand the art of the segue, how the key to the best mix-tape isn’t just the songs you pick, but how they interlock with each other. You also know who the up-and-coming acts are and are quick to recognise where their influences lie and whether they will make it big. You work hard at the pursuit of this knowledge, scouring music blogs, magazines and record stores.

Well that was fun. How about you?


7 thoughts on “Mix-Tape Master”

  1. Your final score was 99/180
    Birthday Party DJ (73-108 points)

    Oh well…
    Age, and a fiercely reclusive avoidance of anything new, probably helped that one out a bit. In checking the correct answers, I missed only one that I SHOULD have known. The rest, WTF?

  2. Who writes those quizzes anyway?

    Who determines what for whom and why?

    Does anyone really care what the name is of Elvis’ last big turd?

    There’s already too much useless trivia in the world (what we need are more public toilets, don’t you think so Barry?).

  3. Oh no, there is no Metallica between the questions – unfair!!!! I cannot answer almost any of these, eh. Okay, I know who Béla Lugosi was 🙂 .
    But my musical interest seems to go on an other way. There are classics I did never care about, and there are guys whom I happen to adore – and people just doesn’t seem to have heard about. 🙂 That’s okay – UNTIL YOU DON’T HAVE TO ANSWER QUIZES LIKE THIS!!!!
    Metallica rulez!!

  4. Me: another

    Birthday Party DJ (73-108 points)
    You are a rabid consumer of music. You get a rush every time you hear something new but remain faithful to those artists you love. Your music collection represents who you are and what you care about and your home may even bear the tell-tale signs of your affections – posters, old band t-shirts and the odd music biography. But you aren’t a completist, you know what you like and make sure you have it. Simple as that. To expand your repertoire, perhaps there are some genres that you’d benefit from giving a little more attention to – perhaps now is the time to hear something new or get hold of that missing album from your collection.

    Pretty accurate, tho i guessed 40% of the questions… 🙂

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