You’ve Got Mail!

I’ve been rather busy outside of this website as of late, and wouldn’t you know it: that’s when people start sending in all sorts of interesting stuff hoping I’ll relay that stuff here. Without further ado…

  • Regyptian Strut guitar solo tablature as notated by Mark Hawling who says: “I just get sick of seeing them doing nothing on my HDD when there must be some nutter out there interested in something like this.”
  • “Waltz For FZ”, as featured on Utopianisti. Says Markus Pajakkala: “I’m a composer/multi-instrumentalist/producer from Finland.”
  • From Ab Stammehaus: “Warren Cucurullo’s new band Chicanery with new album coming up: listen to edited preview songs on the website.” (They’re also on MySpace)
  • Lee Mezcallo raves about the Genkin Philharmonic and hastens to add: “they’re quite good“…

9 Responses to “You’ve Got Mail!”

  1. Balint says:

    Regyptian Strut – great, thanks! I’ll definitely try it – fortunately it’s no a “guitar solo” but for “solo guitar”! 😉

    I was looking for Filthy Habits the other day but didn’t fing a tab, so I just tryed if by ear.. not perfect, yet…

  2. jonnybutter2 says: