Dave McMacken – again…

…on Over-Nite Sensation, again (remember this interview?). Found at Zappateers. And if it’s not enough, you can get an in-depth look at the cover on this Flickr gallery! Woww…

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  1. jonnybutter2 says:

    what’s the deal with that interviewer?! Let McMaken talk, buddy.

  2. urbangraffito says:

    That’s the trouble with this interviewer, jb2: so enamoured with the subject matter (Zappa) that he ignores the subject sitting right before him (McMacken). Such a fantastic wealth of information lost because one interviewer so in love with his own media image couldn’t look beyond the obvious. This is really an example of what happens when people attempt to be journalists without any training whatsoever. Sure, the technology is available to let one do it, but the real question should be, should one do it? Are they really adding anything to the general discussion?

    While McMacken’s iconic cover is an absolute favourite among Zappa fans, myself, that designation will always go to the cover of One Size Fits All by Cal Schenkel. To me, that cover will always be quintessential Zappa imagery.

  3. Balint says:

    Hey, guys, are you kidding?… – is that interview that disturbing? Heyyyy…. (“Ignores the subject”, and “a fantastic wealth of information lost“, he ‘should not have done it’?… Is that so for real?….)

    I see two guys talking, both interested in the subject – me, too; and it might not be the best interview ever (it is not, not a good one as an interview) – but if we remember the interview linked above, we get the same infos here – moreover: a bit more, in more details. And I repeat that it is not a real good interview at all, but not that bad. Would it really be better if he did not do it, as you suggest?…

    My personal answer is “no” – on the contrary: I really loved to see Mr. McMacken and his work in details, it was fun, I’m really grateful for the guys at zappateers for sharing it. Why be so negative with it – why aren’t we just a bit more relaxed with a not-so-very-good-but-still-interesting chat? 😉

    (ps: I love the One Size Fits All cover, too.)

  4. jonnybutter2 says:

    I am grateful to have seen it too, and hereby thank Zappateers, you Balint, and Barry for posting it. But this is not about training or any of that stuff, in my opinion. If you are interviewing someone, the idea is that the person is probably more interesting on the topic than you are – that’s why *you’re* interviewing *them*! Let them talk!

    At one point the interviewer says something like ‘I guess Zappa didn’t care [about having an album cover that was so crazy] since he hadn’t had a hit album yet’. I’m paraphrasing, but it was something like that (I stopped listening after that). Dat’s ignant!

    It is an awesome cover, and I did enjoy hearing David Mc.

  5. urbangraffito says:

    Balint, my friend, I’m not being “negative” for the sake of being “negative”; rather, I’m being critical of an interviewer who has poor interview skills and who, to quote our friend jb2, is “ignant!”

    I can both enjoy your post, Balint, and be critical of it at the same time. Indeed, for me, that makes the post even more entertaining for me: something to appreciate and something dig my critical teeth into all at once. Spicy!

  6. Dark Clothes says:

    It’s an interesting conversation, and interesting to see the close-ups of the original painting, which has details that couldn’t be captured from a printed copy. I call it raw material and like it as such.

  7. BlackZone says:

    huaaaah – just great! with all the tiny (never before seen) details! so shamefully small on the cd-cover…

    as a suggestion for a next project for the family: large-scale prints of the albumcovers and all other promotion materials! (as I remember there were large posters of albumcovers in London on the Roundhouse event – right?).

  8. urbangraffito says:

    A quote from Balint:

    Hey, guys, are you kidding?… – is that interview that disturbing? Heyyyy…. (“Ignores the subject”, and “a fantastic wealth of information lost“, he ‘should not have done it’?… Is that so for real?….)

    Addendum: No, my friends, I am not kidding. As these artists (McMacken, Schenkel) become less and less available for interviews, the quality of those interviews take on much more importance. It’s not as though this interviewer can go back and ask another question. Given that those artists and musicians that surrounded Zappa during his career are nearing the end of their lives, these interviews are a resource not to be squandered. Understandably, as interviewers we are all still fans after all…

  9. jonnybutter2 says: