Mo’s Vacation

Funny how some people who adore FZ’s “regular” music tend to shy away from his “more serious”, “classical instrumental” music. They tend to see it as impenetrable, obscure, entirely inscrutable — in short, way over their heads.

Not so.

The key, I think, is to listen to Zappa’s instrumental tunes as if they were cinematic accompaniments to one’s very own imaginary movie. They are visceral soundtracks wanting to cater to the stories that are in your very own mind.

Case in point: this rare, unreleased version of Mo’s Vacation below. I’ll hit play, close my eyes, listen, and make up my very own story – you try it too:

There… Was it as good for you as it was for me?

What was your story?

13 Responses to “Mo’s Vacation”

  1. Slap says:

    Funny you should mention it….

    Mrs. Slap is a perfect case in point. In the 40-plus years before she met me, she was never exposed to FZ, at all — and she had no background or interest in orchestral music. She quite readily realized how important FZ’s music was to me, and listened with open ears and heart as I played things for her. She found the rock stuff OK, and got it as I would try and describe what was going on; the orchestral stuff, however, made her light right up — she immediately and instinctively recognized the cinematic and story-telling properties, and was delighted.

    Hell, I’m of the belief that the funniest FZ piece I know is Reagan at Bitburg….

  2. exile says:

    Thanks for that refreshing piece. I hadn’t realised quite how “black-pagey” it was.

  3. Dark Clothes says:

    Yeah, sounded good, even better than Mo N Herb’s Vacation… Who’s playing, when was it recorded?

    My story: Big ones! Wet ones! Big wet ones!

  4. jonnybutter2 says: