Gentle Giant’s “Funny Ways” – Brussels, 1974

A little something special for all you aficionados of Gentle Giant music. “Funny Ways” is the second track from Gentle Giant‘s debut album of the same name released in 1970. Vocals were provided mostly by Phil Shulman, with Derek Shulman joining in on the verses. Christopher Nupen, a classical music film director, had invited the band to record the 1974 concert in 16mm film in a Brussels film studio for the German television station ZDF.

From the Songfacts website:

Is their any other song that better illustrates Gentle Giant’s signature style? Xylophones and violins are part of this lengthy, four-movement composition that is defiantly anti-commercial. Thrown in to an album that includes cello, saxophone, trumpet, and tenor horn playing along with the more traditional rock instruments, and we have a group which introduced itself to the world with a presence that lived up to their name.

Click here to read the Songfacts interview with Gentle Giant‘s Derek and Ray Shulman.

16 Responses to “Gentle Giant’s “Funny Ways” – Brussels, 1974”

  1. Numpty says:

    Kerry Minnear FTW… I love GG… Playing The Fool is one of the best live albums you will ever hear in my opinion 🙂

  2. Harry Barris says:

    Ah, great, great band! (and one of FZ’s favorite “rock” groups as well, of course)!

    For those interested, the full television performance (in better picture quality) is available on the ‘Giant On The Box’ dvd.

  3. steev says:

    Derek is singing lead and Kerry Minnear is backing.Phil is not in the band by this point.

  4. jonnybutter2 says: