Leader Of The Starry Skies

Remember Cardiacs? KUR-regular Sterbus alerted me to the following:

Tim Smith composer, principal songwriter, lead singer and guitarist of Cardiacs and other seminal music projects suffered a severe stroke in 2008. Two years on he continues to be treated in hospital.

A tribute album entitled Leader Of The Starry Skies – A Tribute To Tim Smith is slated for release in December:

All profits from this album will go towards a fund to help get Tim home. The artists appearing have generously given their time and creativity freely. This is a testament to the love we all have for Tim. Your pre-order will entitle you to download a free, exclusive album of Tim’s songs covered by friends and family.

If you enjoy the music of Cardiacs and wish to support a worthy cause, pre-order today, why don’t you.

5 Responses to “Leader Of The Starry Skies”

  1. Cardiac Sterbus says:

    Well, Mr Mike Keneally talked about this great band on his facebook page and in a video chat,,, he really like them too 😉 give it a try!

  2. Timus says:

    .. And on more then one occasion he as been referred to as ‘our Zappa’

  3. STERBUS says:

    Well, it’s official, I’m on that cd, together with Andy Partridge, Oceansize, Steven Wilson, teh magic numbers…


  4. FlamingStan says:

    Mine came through the royal snail this morning, stormingly good album! 😀

  5. avantgarterbelt says:

    It is indeed a marvelous bit of digital stimulation. One day, the rest of humankind will catch up to the brilliance of Tim Smith.

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