Maybe I’m Totally Wrong, But I’m a…

(Played by The Ohio University Marching 110 at the Ohio Theatre in November, 2000.)

14 Responses to “Maybe I’m Totally Wrong, But I’m a…”

  1. chadkops says:

    yeah !

  2. kneller aus berlin says:

    is ja geil

  3. Harry Barris says:

    Yikes! I’d rather be trapped in an elevator listening to the Helsinki Mobile Phone Orchestra.

  4. uebertuba says:

    a different approach to zappa music. cheers to the players

  5. Plooker says:

    It would be better if they were all smoking in uniform.

    BTW, the Ray and Ike show w/PO new years eve!

  6. Bob says:

    Have you ever seen them do the script “OHIO”…

  7. jonnybutter says:

    Completely appropriate in its ridiculousness! Thanks for the Friday morning laugh!

  8. Fran├žois says:

    Completely out of control but it seems that they have lots of fun playing together.

  9. xorg says:

    The best Zappa cover I’ve heard for a long time. Eat your heart out Dweezil!

  10. profusion says:

    The University of Oregon marching band did some Zappa stuff in the late ’80s. I never saw them do it, but I lived in the same dorm as a bunch of them, and the phrase “string beans to Utah” was all over the dorm for at least a semester.

  11. Sharleena says:


  12. Plooker says:

    I always thought the Eat That Question wriff would be great for a marching band. Truck Driver Divorce never crossed my mind, that is funny!

  13. jake says:

    Trust me Iknew FZ hewould have loved it! Brilliant……

  14. Harry Barris says:

    Sure, Jake, we know how much FZ loved sports (and sports-related adjuncts). Then again, he did love Americana cheeziness in all its glory though i’m not sure if that love of corniness would apply when it was HIS music being fed through the grater?!?

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