Wild Love — New York & Elsewhere, 77/78

Over 18 minutes worth of solos in the above audience recording of the October 29th, 1977, New York City performance of “Wild Love” followed by a February 15th, 1978, audio of the same from Berlin, Germany.

To me, these clips prove why Frank Zappa’s solos are so sublime, and why, no matter how tribute bands and individual musicians might try, there was just one FZ, and when he picked up his guitar, something incredibly special happened.

3 Responses to “Wild Love — New York & Elsewhere, 77/78”

  1. metafunj says:

    I believe that is Adrian soloing in the last clip. Sounds like his strat. Also it sounds like he is playing a written melody that goes along with the backing music, so it might have been part of a song Frank made him inject into the solo.

  2. urbangraffito says: