Zappanale 20 – Highlights

I’ve recently come across a couple of highlight videos from Zappanale 20. The first (above) is of Project Object featuring the son of the late Jimmy Carl Black, Geronimo Black performing “Cosmic Debris”. The second video (below) is The Grandmothers performing “A Pound For A Brown”. Awesome live material.

5 Responses to “Zappanale 20 – Highlights”

  1. maroual says:

    May I suggest to check this French blog for loads of crazy pictures:

  2. Jerry Ford says:

    God Bless ya all!

    Best seat in the house for Zappanale! (I was there in spirit.)

  3. Harry Barris says:

    After clicking on the link to the photos, I couldn’t contain my laughter after seeing the newest(?) version of Bozzio’s mammoth drum kit.
    (He should nickname it “the universe” since it appears to be ever-expanding!) How long must it take to assemble/break down that ludicrous monstrosity?!

    (I wonder how Uncle Frankie would feel about it? Keith Moon would certainly be jealous!)

  4. Maroual says: