Mike Keneally Interview & Video

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a big fan of Mike Keneally. His music is so utterly different from anything else that each and every listening is indeed a delight. When his early recordings (which were long out-of-print) were made available for download, believe me, I scooped them up. The words progressive and eclectic only begin to describe this musical renaissance man.

Check out the interview of Keneally (above) conducted by Interview World, then watch Keneally performing his song “Hallmark” (from the 2009 album, Scambot 1) in this Nick Conedera directed video:

7 Responses to “Mike Keneally Interview & Video”

  1. Roscoe Bledsoe says:

    Lose some weight, Fatboy!

  2. Plooker says:

    Cool Cat!

  3. Robert says:

    A quote from Roscoe Bledsoe:

    Lose some weight, Fatboy!

    Do you have anything else to comment on this or are you just alive to waste webspace?

  4. Roscoe Bledsoe says:

    I’m actually concerned for his health. Carrying all those extra pounds is obviously unhealthy: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, increased risk for a variety of cancers, etc.

    On the plus side: Keneally does resemble the “typical american”.

  5. tim says: