Rufus Wainwright’s Shakespeare Sonnets

Rufus Wainwright‘s newest project, following the critically acclaimed Want One, Want Two, Release The Stars and Rufus Does Judy, envolves putting Shakespeare sonnets to music. Apparently a work in progress still but what I’ve heard so far sounds beautiful:

Both Sharl and I are avid Rufus fans — his music (or dresscode for that matter) may not be your cup of tea though. 😉

More clips at Roger Bourland’s weblog.

Boz Scaggs at Wolfgang’s Vault


Boz Scaggs‘ voice was a very big part in the soundtrack of the seventies, so it’s really not a big surprise that this artist’s music still resonates with me (myself, having come of age in the mid-seventies). For me, Scaggs was then, and still is now, the epitome of smooth blues (like aged dark rum in a shot glass, straight back). If you look past his well known hits like “Lido Shuffle”, “Lowdown”, “Look What You’ve Done To Me”, you quickly realize that Scaggs is one in a long line of great American bluesman (which, perhaps, answers why his music is still popular today while so many of his 70s contemporaries have long since faded away).
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