Demo Disasters

A little something to ease your Monday blues:

We’re an indie label digging through years of demo backlogs day by day. These are some of the choicest gems we’ve received. We know that some people worked very hard on these, but also that sometimes, things just don’t succeed…

Take for instance, this particular gem entitled Making Love.

6 Responses to “Demo Disasters”

  1. urbangraffito says:

    I’ll stick with Dirty Love, thanks (though that demo was mildly humorous).

  2. voice on the wall says:

    they need to be arrested !

  3. Hugh says:

    I had to stop the track mid-way. The cheese factor was too enormous for me to handle.

  4. Birdman! says:

    Sounds like something from The Lost Ween Tapes. Hugh, you cheated yourself, because the last line is some primo mellow filth-folk. You have to wonder what other nuggets came out of that gold mine.

  5. the effervescing elephant says:

    statler and waldorf would say :
    there were parts i liked
    it was actually pretty good
    it was brilliant
    more! more! more!

  6. Hugh says:

    [quote comment=”6426″]Hugh, you cheated yourself, because the last line is some primo mellow filth-folk.[/quote]Thanks, Birdman! I took you’re advice and replayed it for my wife & I. You’re right, we had a good laugh.
    I have a gut reaction when I hear an acoustic guitar and a mellow voice that sends me running for the door. I should know by now to give things a chance.

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