Ed Palermo CD Release Party @ Iridium


This just in via email from Ed Palermo, himself, regarding the release of his new Zappa CD, “Eddy Loves Frank” from Cuneiform Records:

As most of you know, this is my third tribute album in dedication to the music of Frank Zappa. I’m extremely proud of it and consider it to be my best one yet.

You can buy it directly from me or the CD label, Cuneiform. Cuneiform charges $15 plus shipping. I charge $20 but that includes shipping, so it’s pretty even.

Just send a check made out to ED PALERMO to

Ed Palermo
27 Westwood Drive North
West Orange, NJ 07052

The CD release party is all set for Wednesday, June 3 at NYC’s Iridium night club. I have a killer show planned, so I hope you can make it. We don’t play out that much, so it’s a rare opportunity to see this band in action.

Thanks, everybody, for all your support. We couldn’t do it without you!


If you are in New York City on June 3rd, be sure to catch the release of Ed Palermo’s third Zappa CD, and review this “one-of-a-kind” Big Band Zappa experience.

Listen to Ed and band on NPR’s Weekend Edition.

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10 thoughts on “Ed Palermo CD Release Party @ Iridium”

  1. nice audio clip from NPR, that was sweet. love Ed’s lumpy gravy version. one of my favorite tunes never to be heard live. (that is the slow/king-kong-ish/LG theme)

  2. I received the CD yesterday and have only had a full listen once. Having both previous CDs, this may be my least favorite – but it is still good. To me, a big band is at its best when playing those big, powerful unison phrases. Basically, the kind of playing that distinguishes a big band from other ensembles. The arrangments seem more fragmented and complex, with less unison playing. On second listen, the only real problem seems to be the opening track, Night School. A creative arrangement, but very disjointed, which to me, discounts the advantage of a big band. Maybe the concept of Zappa big band arrangments has gotten a bit tired? Still a great group, so I’ll keep listening. It might just grow on me.

  3. I’d say the new one is my favorite of the 3. It breaths much more like a true jazz record.

  4. I love this album!! Kudos, Ed. The Echidna’s arrangement is fantastic, Night School, wow!

    You’re right P-Rip, more complex arrangements…more kind of mini-orchestral uses of the various tones in the big band.

    Regyptian Strut- always been a fave horn-based Zappa piece for me. That one is nailed. Just a really great sounding CD, with hilarious art and liner notes from Ed. I think what he has working for him also is that the core of the band – most of it in fact – has been with him for 10+ years now, so they just…sound…great! Check it out.

  5. I’m really looking forward to this show. Especially, since another Zappa tribute band is not quite ready to play NYC yet. I’ve been jonesin for some live Zappa music. It’s been awhile. I caught EP & His BB (w/ Nappy!) before and had a great time . My only complaint was that the show was too short. I think I’ll bring a little extra cash to pick up the CD. I’ll try to give Ed a “shout-out” from all of us here at KUR.

    Hey Andre, when are you guys coming to New York City. I would love to see Project/Object. It’s nice to see that Don Preston has joined the band.

  6. Since Ed Palermo and his Big Band’s live appearances are so infrequent, I wonder if Ed has ever considered recording these live concerts for us Palermo and Big Band Zappa fans who can’t make it to the Big Apple to see, as he says, “his band in action.” Indeed, some of my favourite live Zappa recordings are of EP & His BB performing at the Sonar and The Bottom Line. It’s understandable, in the current economic climate, to keep Big Band tours small, or limited to particular individual venues like the Iridium Club, yet there certainly must be a way for EP & His BB to reach out and touch his fanbase, and vice versa (digital downloads, perhaps?).

  7. [quote comment=”5625″]must be a way for EP & His BB to reach out and touch his fanbase, and vice versa (digital downloads, perhaps?).[/quote] I agree.
    If I’m lucky enough to catch Ed after the show I’ll try to pose your question to him.
    I would love to hear his show from the Bottom Line (early 90’s?) featuring all of Grand Wazoo & Waka/Jawaka.

  8. Well while Ed is a near and dear friend, I can’t speak for him officially, but I will say — as far as recording shows, streaming or posting them – – Ed would choose to stay very clear of the obvious legal hassles that would come of that. I think it’s pretty well known that he has not been the recipient of “warm and fuzzy” either.

    So if you wanna find live recordings of the EPBB….they won’t be from his camp…but I’m sure they’re out there on zappateers or something.

    We don’t have any NYC coming up , but a quick run around July 4 will bring us to MAXWELL’S in Hoboken…a quick run from NYC on the PATH train!!

    Wed July 1 Hoboken NJ Maxwells
    Fri July 3 Phila PA World Cafe’ Live
    Sat July 4 Acme PA Church Of Peace & Love

    Chester NY, Pittsburgh PA and Cleveland OH will be confirmed this week for the days surrounding these. This tour will be Project/Object ..with Ike Willis and Don Preston.

    Yes — good to have Don back – not a permanent member per se, but he has been playing with us on-and-off since Halloween 2001. He’s very busy with the Grandmothers, and once a year or so with the Akashic Ensemble, where I also play.

  9. [quote comment=”5635″]Wed July 1 Hoboken NJ Maxwell’s[/quote]
    Thanks for the heads up on the shows. Andre. Cool, I’m off that night. Hope to see after the show. And if you & band/crew are looking for good food before/after the show, go to my cousin’s restaurant Hudson Tavern (steaks, burgers etc…). It’s 3 blocks north of Maxwell’s on 14th, corner of Hudson St. Tell owner Tommy Brennan that Hughie Brennan sent you! And that goes for all my KUR brethren.

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