The Results Are In…

We will be emailing all seven winners shortly requesting their snail mail addy. Congrats to those who won, apologies to those who didn’t get picked… Regardless: thanks all for participating. It’s been a fun ride!

17 Responses to “The Results Are In…”

  1. Plooker says:

    Shucks, but I think your contest will make me go buy it. Lots of free time lately in SE Michigan for reading, thanks for the fun (and making me pull out the TW stuff for Eldon and Max). Your video reminds me of diapers and Max crying, those were the days. Now it is “But he did it!” and “But Why!”, my 8 and 9 year old teenagers, can’t wait for the drivers licenses. I’m not complaining though, what would I do with out my rhythm section. Congrats on the great gig, fantastic illustrating.

  2. Tommi says:

    You guys are absolutely awesome! No cheating, as far as I can see (Don’t know what Barry did after he hid the paper-rolls from the camera, but hey! Let’s show a little trust here, people!).

    Just save some of the cards for the little person who drew all the winners!

    Thank you for doing this, it has been fun to watch!


  3. Clenn says:

    Heheh, nicely done. Congratulations to the winners ;).

  4. Hans says:

    It’s so cool to be a winner. I mean, like, totally.

  5. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!
    As an inveterate, but non-repentant, loser, might I inquire as to whether this delicious tome is available in English?
    (I mean, I had to go to a free translation site just to make sure I had Guten Morgan correct, after all…)
    If so, it goes on the Christmas wish list now!

  6. Tommi says: