BL – Borlai & Ladányi

This is a collaboration between Andrea Ladányi (dancer) and Gergő Borlai (drummer). She holds the drumsticks, he holds her hands (its just a part of their performance). See details and criticism here. (BTW: G. Borlai is a big Zappa-fan, his favorite is V. Colaiuta)

3 Responses to “BL – Borlai & Ladányi”

  1. urbangraffito says:

    Amazing and sexy. Just thinking how limber Andrea Ladányi (dancer) has to be to allow Gergő Borlai (drummer) to drum through her is, well, like I said, amazing. Imagine Terry and Dale Bozzio doing this to the Black Page…Hot, hot, hot.

  2. Harry Barris says:

    Must be ‘Performance Art’. “I want a garden…”

  3. Hugh says:

    And it is pretty erotic, but that has to hurt (especially her hands) being manipulated like rag doll!

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