Tubes Cover Zappa, 1972

The following tracks are the two Zappa covers done by The Tubes in a 1972 concert. The exact date and location are unknown, but the concert probably took place in a club in the San Francisco area. I wish to thank hasnamus over at Zappateers who first torrented these Zappacovers (while the audio quality is rather poor, these tracks are great pieces of archival audio history):

Trouble Every Day

King Kong

3 Responses to “Tubes Cover Zappa, 1972”

  1. Mike says:

    nice, thanks.

  2. Jamez says:

    Thanks Urbangraffito! Are there are other Zappa covers tunes by the Tubes in the vaults?

  3. darms says:

    asked Bill Spooner, , if he’d care to comment here, as that’s him playing guitar on these & I’d love to hear any comment he would have.

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