Wow wow wow, this is fantastic news to wake up to.

OMG Obama

Also: I’ve been waiting for eight years to be able to say the following three words and now I finally can: NO MORE BUSH! Aaaaahhh…

Thank you America!

36 Responses to “Obama!”

  1. Sharleena says:


  2. Duncan says:

    Another point of view from The Onion.

  3. Mike says:

    your welcome.

  4. Paul says:


  5. dumb all over says:

    A quote from Mike:

    your welcome.

    Are speaking for Alex or the entire country?

  6. vince says:

    “Let’s not start sucking each other’s dick just yet.”

  7. tombo says:

    District of Columbia and Hawaii made the real statement: 93% and 72% of the votes for Obama. Now let’s see what’s really happening …

  8. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says: