Name To Face

Feed it with your name, and this website turns it into a unique avatar — don’t ask me how they do it though. Here’s what turned up when I entered Sharleena’s (real life) name:

sharl's name to face

How about that! I kid you not. Now, as for Gail Zappa

6 Responses to “Name To Face”

  1. Sharleena says:

    I didn’t do noffink!! I hope she doesn’t sue me for the imperial usage…

  2. Weirdomusic says:

    Hmm, and Frank looks like this:

  3. slow says:


  4. Iggy says:

    dont ask about the last one… study fatigue, hip-hop and in-jokes make strange bedfellows

  5. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    [quote comment=”2791″]day[/quote]
    Very busy week actually…

  6. Jake St Vitus says:

    Nonetheless interesting from a programming perspective. The algorithm seems to be based on the number of times a letter appears in the sequence but may also be based on changes that occur at higher levels (such as: after any letter is repeated 5 times, switch to another face type). To test this try typing in “bob”, “bib”, “bab”, “bub, “beb”, and even “bzb” to see the same face type change noses. Try “aja”, “afa”, “aza”, etc. to see a long-haired fellow with glasses change noses, eyeglass style, and hair frizziness.

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