Modified Animation

Interesting technique and soundtrack in this wall-painted animation by BLU.

5 Responses to “Modified Animation”

  1. Hugh says:

    When I was thirteen I wrote graffiti on the subways of New York City. Nothing to be proud of, but it did introduce me to art. I still love outdoor murals in the city. The crappier the neighborhood the better. That is why I love the concept of this animation. I have not seen anything quite like this. I’m curious about the process.

  2. Bálint says:

    Wow!!!! Amazing!!! But…. was it REALLY painted on the actual walls? Unbelieveable!!!!

  3. Sharleena says:

    I couldn’t find more info as to *how* he made it, but i dare to say he first paints the wall in white, then the image (frame by frame) then he takes a picture, then again the wall in white then again the image, etc.
    Ant’s job!
    More stuff here.

  4. bernard says:

    I truly don’t know anything about mural art, with the exception of the mexicans.

    It looks good to me.

  5. Hugh says:

    Thanks for the additional link, Sharleena. Great stuff!

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