Up, Up & Away En Sus Beautiful Balloons

File under Stranger Than Fiction:

A Brazilian priest is missing after he drifted out to sea while trying to set a record for a flight using helium-filled party balloons, authorities said on Tuesday.

Balloon Priest

De Carli, who flew around 55 miles (90 kilometers) before losing contact, had wanted to draw attention to the work of his parish in Paranagua, which targets mostly truck drivers who transport goods to and from the port.

Umm… bananas!

More hereVia Dr Sharl — who else?

8 Responses to “Up, Up & Away En Sus Beautiful Balloons”

  1. bernard says:

    – If age could
    – If youth knew

  2. Hugh says:

    I imagine it looked like a great idea on paper. At least I hope so.

  3. Gone Again says:

    meanwhile…how many dolphins have choked on the debris left by his burst party baloons??? cute stunt. i bet those truck drivers miss the good padre. celibacy, anyone?

  4. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Looks like they found some of his balloons floating in the ocean — no sign of El Padre yet though…

  5. bernard says:

    And now I’ll tell something to our beloved Roland, in his own style:

    ” What about neun und neunzig Luftbalonen? ”

    Nena. That was the German singer.

    Now in Croatia: Uh, od kada ovdje nisam bio!!! Oko 11 godina, cini mi se…

  6. bernard says:

    In case, Roland, you would prefer the Norwegians ( above Germans or Croatians) there’s something possibly interesting:
    ( source is overgrownpath.com)

  7. urbangraffito says:

    [quote comment=”706″]Looks like they found some of his balloons floating in the ocean — no sign of El Padre yet though…[/quote]

    One catholic down, 1.085 billion left to go…

  8. Redson says:

    The lost priest was found:

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