Big Swifty — Up To Old Tricks

I was surfing the info highway when I came upon another fine example of what’s up with Berger Kahn, who hires them, and the sort of services that they provide their most important clients. Click here for more.

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  1. xorg says:

    Another example to explain why FZ told Gail to get out of the business!

  2. bernard says:

    I happen to be an eonomist. Sorry ’bout that. And way back in the old days at the university I focused on economic history.
    No scholar ever focused on the history of the relationship music – money. That sort of investigation might offer a clue.

    However, what I know about France ( practise & legislation ) is :
    1527: music publishing receives privilege of exclusive right to profit from copying works (making new material copies, i.e., scores). Royal power shifts to music publishers.

    1703: Music publishers denied indefinite copyright.

    1708: Composers denied the right to self-publish and to control copyright income.

    1744: Decentralization of publishing as publishers outside Paris granted equal status with those in Paris.

    1786: Initial ownership assigned to composers; publishers have rights only if so assigned by composers; all other publication subject to fines.

    1846: the appearance of the café concert.

    1849: popular songs awarded same status as serious music. Its composers can collect fees for its performance.

    1850: creation of first association to collect royalties on all music

  3. urbangraffito says:

    Does anyone else find it interesting who the zft is getting into bed with (aka. business associates, legal representation), and then they talk about being so “concerned” about a certain composer’s legacy. I can’t figure exactly which orifice they’re speaking out of…

  4. Roland says:

    bernard, it is good, that you wrote down these historical events according to royalties, popular songs etc.! FZ himself always said, that he believes in capitalism. It´s quite true in his terms – you have to.

  5. the worst of the worst of the worst says:

    “cybersquatting?” Did Mr. Sloan (esq.) really say “cybersquatting?”

    This would all be a lot more interesting if the parties involved were wearing brightly colored capes and masks. It would also be a lot more interesting if this was taking place in a ring surrounded by a 10′ high chain link fence, or perhaps in a vat of (human) “mud.”

    Anyone with me on this?

  6. bernard says:

    Worst of the worst, ” taking place in a ring surrounded by a 10′ high chain link fence, or perhaps in a vat of (human) “mud”

    You got it. That’s another sort of picture to explain the issue.

    Original is : The fight between carnival ( the joyfull) and lent ( the central scrutiners).

    Just draw a diagonal line trough the painting and you’ll notice the difference between both. The joyfull and the men in black.

  7. Jamez says:

    I have a funny feeling Burger King..sorry Berger Kahn!…are gonna land a large cheeseburger on the Zappanale before it even gets off the ground!

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