Sunday Big Note – Listening Session #17

Of all the live concerts in my music collection, today’s particular show had proved to be one of the most difficult to find because of it’s uniqueness and it’s rarity among live show collectors. It had been on my most wanted search list for a very, very long time. Of course, I’m talking about the group known as Mallard, formed in 1974 by Bill Harkleroad (Zoot Horn Rollo), Mark Boston (Rockette Morton) and Art Tripp III (Ed Marimba) after leaving Captain Beefheart‘s Magic Band. It was during Mallard’s European tour in 1976 that they performed the German TV Show ‘Rockpalast’ on September 7th, 1976.

Today’s Sunday Big Note is an taken from One Day Once, the bootleg of their September 7th, 1976 performance live for German television on the Rockpalast in front of a small audience at WDR Studio-L, Cologne, Germany. Any fan of Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band will most certainly find this show a unique treat:

She’s Long And She’s Lean
[audio:SBN_20110306_01 She’s Long And She’s Lean.mp3]

One Day Once
[audio:SBN_20110306_02 One Day Once.mp3]

A Piece Of Me
[audio:SBN_20110306_03 A Piece Of Me.mp3]

Green Coyote And His Companion
[audio:SBN_20110306_04 Green Coyote And His Companion.mp3]

[audio:SBN_20110306_05 Harvest.mp3]

Mama Squeeze
[audio:SBN_20110306_06 Mama Squeeze.mp3]

Back On The Pavement
[audio:SBN_20110306_07 Back On The Pavement.mp3]

Reign Of Pain
[audio:SBN_20110306_08 Reign Of Pain.mp3]

Winged Tuskadero
[audio:SBN_20110306_09 Winged Tuskadero.mp3]

Road To Morrocco
[audio:SBN_20110306_10 Road To Morroco (instrumental).mp3]

Mallard (European tour, 1976):

Bill Harkleroad (Zoot Horn Rollo) – Guitar

Mark Boston (Rockette Morton) – Bass, Vocals

Sam Galpin – Lead Vocals

John Thomas – Keyboards

George Dragotta – Drums

Note: Anyone interested in downloading this rare live Mallard show, I am currently seeding this show at Zappateers, here (torrent).

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