Sunday Big Note – Listening Session #5

From the very start, Led Zeppelin was a band whose essential ingredients were a ”crushingly loud interpretation of the blues”, “heavy, guitar-driven blues-rock sound”, a style that crossed many music genres, and their unbound male sexuality. It pulsed beneath the surface of every Zeppelin album. Unlike the plethora of hard rock and heavy metal bands which would rise from their wake in the 1980s – none would possess any of the mystique of Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin‘s music just wasn’t music to “rock to”, it was music to “fuck to” as well. I believe that’s why it has survived the way that it has since Bonham‘s death in 1980. Many bands attempted this – only Zeppelin achieved it. Many were the occasion in the 70s when I’d arrive at some buddy’s house, Zeppelin blaring on the stereo, a couple of joints on the coffee table – then my buddy and his old lady emerging covered with sweat at the end of that side of the album. That never occurred with any other group (though I’m certain there are legions of Zappa fans who wanted to make love to their beloved to FZ‘s “Black Napkins“, and some who did – wink).

Though I confess I do not listen to Led Zeppelin as much as I once did – once they are on my turntable, or CD drive, I admit, it’s difficult to stop. Perhaps it’s part nostalgia for the heydays of this seminal band, or all those late teen, twentysomething, hip-to-hip sessions that Led Zeppelin so faithfully soundtracked…

Yet, today’s Sunday Big Note, Led Zeppelin at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California on March 11th, 1975, does bring back those great, great memories for me (I hope it does the same for you). Or, if you were too young to experience Led Zeppelin in their full glory, here’s a fantastic Soundboard concert from the tail end of their 1975 North American tour:

[audio:SBN_20101212_101 Introduction.mp3]

Rock And Roll
[audio:SBN_20101212_102 Rock And Roll.mp3]

Sick Again
[audio:SBN_20101212_103 Sick Again.mp3]

Over The Hills And Far Away
[audio:SBN_20101212_104 Over The Hills And Far Away.mp3]

In My Time Of Dying
[audio:SBN_20101212_105 In My Time Of Dying.mp3]

The Song Remains The Same
[audio:SBN_20101212_106 The Song Remains The Same.mp3]

The Rain Song
[audio:SBN_20101212_107 The Rain Song.mp3]

[audio:SBN_20101212_108 Kashmir.mp3]

No Quarter
[audio:SBN_20101212_201 No Quarter.mp3]

Trampled Underfoot
[audio:SBN_20101212_202 Trampeled Underfoot.mp3]

Moby Dick
[audio:SBN_20101212_203 Moby Dick.mp3]

Dazed And Confused
[audio:SBN_20101212_301 Dazed And Confuzed.mp3]

Stairway To Heaven
[audio:SBN_20101212_302 Stairway To Heaven.mp3]

Whole Lotta Love
[audio:SBN_20101212_303 Whole Lotta Love.mp3]

Black Dog
[audio:SBN_20101212_304 Black Dog.mp3]

Led Zeppelin:

Jimmy Page – guitar
John Paul Jones – bass guitar, keyboards, mandolin
Robert Plant – vocals, harmonica
John Bonham – drums, percussion

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  1. Besides Frank,Led Zeppelin is my all time favorite group.Thanks for posting this awesome music.(I wish I was too young to have experienced the great Led Zep.)

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