Frank Zappa’s Original PMRC Letters

PMRC Envelope

Newish niche blog Letterheady publishes letterhead designs from the rich and (in)famous. The site recently got picked up and linked to by everyone and their grandmother. In the process, it came to light they also had Frank Zappa’s letterhead featured. That’s when Joe Crawford aimed this tweet at KUR, saying we should “blog it!”

Ah, but you see: Letterheady’s source is in fact…

Somewhere back in 2006 I got hold of scans of Zappa’s original letters to the PMRC, and published them on KUR. That page is not readily available anymore, so I figured I’d post all 18 images right here on the blog. The original post read something like this:

Before, during and after the PMRC hearings on music and censorship, Zappa sent out a number of letters to various instances as a package or kit to give guidance and background information etc to anyone who wanted to support FZ’s anti-PMRC position on a local level (phone your representative, help get this stopped). The text of FZ’s statement to Congress and the “It’s Not Over Yet, Folks” were then sent out at a later date obviously after the hearings.

Here now, again, are scans from those letters, warts ‘n all.

Many thanks to my pal MagicFingers for having sent these over to begin with.

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  1. on the envelope, the drawing & name/address crossed out is from fritzo pup, a contributor to society pages norway [named in the credits on a few issues, artist ads in a few others]

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