Westwood One: The Real Frank Zappa

Recorded in Frank Zappa‘s Living Room (the Den) on June 8th, 1989 and interviewed by Mike Reynolds for the Westwood One Radio Network on the occasion of the release of The Real Frank Zappa Book – I’ve edited the interview into four successive parts. Zappa has a wonderful and unique way of describing the times he lived through, and many of the people he’s encountered along the way.

Part One
[audio:FrankZappa1989-06-08Interview (01).mp3]

Part Two
[audio:FrankZappa1989-06-08Interview (02).mp3]

Part Three
[audio:FrankZappa1989-06-08Interview (03).mp3]

Part Four
[audio:FrankZappa1989-06-08Interview (04).mp3]