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The Drummers of Frank Zappa – on DVD

The nice talk with these very fine people, as it was mentioned before. Can be ordered here.

Son Of FZ Drummers Round Table

After the previews available before, here are two video-gems showing some pretty good musicians:

FZ Drummers Round Table – all seven parts!
FZ Drummers Drum Jam – the whole, uncut version.

Via the Idiot bastard – thnx!

Drum Jam – The Zappa Drummers

Terry Bozzio, Ralph Humphrey, Chester Thompson and Chad Wackerman in this exclusive preview of Drum Channel’s Drum Jams – featuring the Zappa Drummers (via the Idiot Bastard).

I like it. (I wonder when the 2nd part of the “Zappa Drummers’ Roundtable” comes up.)

FZ Drummers Roundtable

“It’s been a dream of mine to get my favorite Zappa drummers together and have us talk about our experiences.” – Terry Bozzio is joined by fellow former Zappa drummers, Chester Thompson, Ralph Humphrey, Chad Wackerman, and Ruth Underwood in this first episode of seven videos.

(Thanks Pierre!)