An Interview With Ron Rutherford

Back on Thursday, July 10th, 2008, I posted “Ron Rutherford — Lone Wolf (Debut Solo Album)” after discovering his music on Being a fan of many of the singer songwriters that came out of the 1970s – Warren Zevon, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, JD Souther, Jackson Browne, Loggins & Messina, James Taylor, Steven Stills – I found Rutherford’s mix of Country Rock, Southern Rock and Classic Rock infused with elements of Blues and Pop to be quite refreshing. That Rutherford’s CD was also self produced appealed to my “Do-It-Yourself” ethic.

In this streaming podcast interview from Radio Galactica, Rutherford speaks at length about the emerging independent music industry replacing the old boy’s club of traditional record companies and traditional radio, the meaning behind the songs on ‘Lone Wolf’, and how the internet and internet radio is changing the landscape for independent artists.

The interview is 3 hours long yet well worth the listen. It includes the entire album, ‘Lone Wolf’ for your listening pleasure. I know it was mine.