Ed Palermo CD Release Party @ Iridium


This just in via email from Ed Palermo, himself, regarding the release of his new Zappa CD, “Eddy Loves Frank” from Cuneiform Records:

As most of you know, this is my third tribute album in dedication to the music of Frank Zappa. I’m extremely proud of it and consider it to be my best one yet.

You can buy it directly from me or the CD label, Cuneiform. Cuneiform charges $15 plus shipping. I charge $20 but that includes shipping, so it’s pretty even.

Just send a check made out to ED PALERMO to

Ed Palermo
27 Westwood Drive North
West Orange, NJ 07052

The CD release party is all set for Wednesday, June 3 at NYC’s Iridium night club. I have a killer show planned, so I hope you can make it. We don’t play out that much, so it’s a rare opportunity to see this band in action.

Thanks, everybody, for all your support. We couldn’t do it without you!


If you are in New York City on June 3rd, be sure to catch the release of Ed Palermo’s third Zappa CD, and review this “one-of-a-kind” Big Band Zappa experience.

Listen to Ed and band on NPR’s Weekend Edition.