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The Voice Of Cheese Revisited

Those of you who’ve been hanging around here long enough will remember KUR’s The Voice Of Cheese project. It ran for a couple of months back in 2007, featured some great music created by you and generally got wonderful feedback. Michael Pabst, one of the participants, dropped me a note yesterday saying his band, The Research Institute, now has its own official homepage — do check it out!

Now then… This got me thinking about putting together a “round two” of sorts, where the same principles would apply: your music featured here, up for scrutiny to KUR’s 1000-or-so daily visitors. As with the first VoC, there would be no restriction on genre or recording quality. With this post I’m just testing the waters to see if there would be enough (if any) interest from you – yes you! – to send in tracks.

All in favor: post a comment or drop us an email. Let’s see if we can get this show on the road! In the mean time, why not browse 2007’s Voice Of Cheese edition to get your creative juices flowing. 🙂