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Santa Monica, December 1981

Missed it in 2003? Here it is again, from Burkhard! With some additional stories here.
Great show, atomic solos, fun moments, amazing special guests – should be released!

Dortmund ’79

If it’s Friday this must be the Friday Boot! We’re off to Germany again: Dortmund, 25 March 1979.
The FZ Tape Reviewing Society says:

(…) it’s in FZ’s City Of Tiny Lites solo where the show comes to life. This is the first Outside Now jam in circulation, with FZ mulling over a phrase he also played a lot in 1980 which ended up in The Radio Is Broken. This is also the debut of the “vampless” Easy Meat, and possibly the best of this last week of ’79, despite the lack of Catholic Girls.

Montreal ’84

You’ll never guess what I went through this morning, prior to posting this week’s Friday Boot — though you’re free to take a guess.

Say what? Oh, on to the boot already. Yes. That’d be Montreal, Canada, November 2nd 1984, uploaded by Our Man In France.

Have a great weekend! :)

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Yes, the way it was played in San Diego, 12.12.1981 (late show).
Some more interesting facts: the very last show of the tour, with Frogs With Dirty Little Lips as a closer, but Whipping Post as a second (!) tune (From

Hamburg ’88

Someone mentioned that they were expecting a 1988 show last week, so who am I to disappoint? Pat Buzby reminds us that this show features nothing composed after 1976, and calls it “a blessing, though it feels bad in a sense to say it”.

Well I don’t know about that, but any show that features Florentine Pogen, Andy, Inca Roads, Eat That Question and then Black Napkins, one after the other, is ok by me. Add the Black Page as an opener (you gotta love the ’88 arrangement), Dupree’s, Cleveland and Big Swifty among others, and you have the makings of one fine show.

Whether it is or not… well, that’s for you to decide. As always, I await your comments with interest.

The Venue: Congress Centrum, Hamburg, Germany
The Date: 6 May 1988

Frankfurt ’82

The Venue: Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany
The Date: 11th June 1982

There is one main reason to love this show (plenty of other reasons, of course, but one main one); The Black Page. I was listening to it just last week and experienced one of those “Jeez, this is good” moments (I then realized that Frank must have been pleased with it too, as you will find if you grab your copy of ‘Guitar‘ and give ‘Move It Or Park It‘ a listen).

Anyway, thinks I, the KUR aficionados have to hear this! So this week’s offering takes us back to June 11 1982, and the early evening show at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt…


Brest ’79

This week’s Friday Boot takes us to France — Brest, March 21st 19th 1979, to be exact. To quote the FZTRS:

All this, *and* it’s got A- sound! An essential show to have in your collection, and perhaps the funniest of the entire 79 tour.

Hartford ’81

This week’s Friday Boot: Hartford, CT, 6 November 1981. Say “Thank you Gilles!”

Kansas City ’74

Dr Sharl and I are preparing for a nice little weekend-trip to Antwerp — and ZPZ obviously. While we’re out of the office, enjoy this week’s Friday Boot: Kansas City, 8 March 1974: a bunch of classic FZ tunes if ever I saw one.