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How’s Your Bird?

They must be fine, with air scupltures like these!

Top 50 Music Videos Of 2005

Had no time to check them all. Did you, maybe?

Amanita Design

Ammmmazing… Web at it’s peak – from the Czech Republic. I tried a flash-game (Rocketman VC) and an animation (Plantage). Beautiful. And funny. It will take your time… :-)

Zappa Portraits

Zappa as a clown - Hand-printed by the artist on acid-free paper. $300.00 The Alcorn Studio & Gallery. (Here’s the black&white version).
And another one - “notice the sacred heart of Zappa – a lemon with barbed wire.”
Wow. Well, much better than these.


…is beautiful! Just enter the site and look around!

Camera Toss

Throw it up into the air!

Bouncing Balls

Public art?

You hate ads? So do I. But you’ll love this one. See the movie in low quality, in high quality, and then read about it some more. Oh yes: and see some pictures, of course.

Alison Lapper Pregnant

“It is a work about courage, beauty and defiance, which both captures and represents all that is best about our great city. Alison Lapper pregnant is a modern heroine – strong, formidable and full of hope. It is a great work of art for London and for the world.”

Alison Lapper, a friend of Marc Quinn (the sculptor), was born with no arms and shortened legs due to a chromosomal condition called Phocomelia. Her mother rejected her and she was brought up in a care home. Now a recognized artist, she was awarded an MBE in 2003 and featured with her son in the BBC series Child of Our Time.

No es un boludon!

‘t would appear a certain someone doesn’t like the works of Flemish artist Wim Delvoye. Well ha! How can you not love an artist who makes art like this?

Cino Zucchi Architetti

Cino Zucchi is a really great Italian architect of our time – I visited only one of his houses in Venice, but it seems that the rest of his works are also fantactic: simplicity, professionalism, and a kind of silence. And some more: have you ever seen such a simple and at the same time professional homepage like this?

Feats Of Clay

Some cool quicktime video clips from upcoming Bruce Bickford DVD releases. The guy never ceases to amaze. (Thanks Kevin!)


Subway life in 10 cities around the world, through the eyes of drawing artist António Jorge Gonçalves. This is really cool.

DIY Furniture Art

Dr Sharleena demonstrates how to turn an old wreck of a chair into a thing of unspeakable beauty!

Burton’s Sketches

The Guardian offers a peek in Tim Burton’s sketchbooks.

“They help me think more than anything else. They calm me down and, also, they’re a way for me to think subconsciously. I prefer to act out of my subconscious – I find if I think too much, I start to confuse myself again.”

By the way, I really enjoyed going to see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory last Saturday. As ever, Johnny Depp makes a brilliant performance and — to my delight — the movie never turns into the kind of big sappy musical where, every two seconds for no reason, the entire cast will burst into song.

Square Snapshots

Square America: vintage snapshots and vernacular photography documenting American life from the late 1940s through the early 1970s (and a gallery goldmine for Dr Sharleena’s collages, I think!).