Barry Wants To Buy Balint A Drink

I’d just like to thank our friend Balint (of fame) for keeping this page alive and kicking while Sharl and I were out of The Office. It is no understatement to say he has done an excellent job. Many thanks my friend, and if you ever leave for a month long trip, I shall gladly keep an eye on your fine Zappa page — as long as I don’t have to write a word of Hungarian… ;)

Hasta La Vista!

Ladies, gents, dear faithful KUR readers: by tomorrow Dr Sharleena and I will be off to the wonderful summer heat of Argentina for about a month. Obviously neither of us will have much time to update this weblog during that period. Which is why I have left the keys to the office in the hands of our much appreciated Hungarian friend Balint, who — I’m sure — shall do an excellent job at bringing you your semi-daily perverted diversion. On my end, I’ve made sure the Friday Boots continues on as usual. Our man in France, Gilles (salut Patron!), has prepared for you a multiple downloading fest which I’m sure you will appreciate very much. What’s left to say.. Have a good christmas, a splendid new year, and we will see eachother again come early January. Hugs! We’ll miss all of you.

Frappr Continued

Frappr’s killuglyradio map is now a permanent link in the sidebar. It’s been heaps of fun seeing the pictures and messages you lot have posted there. However, with the average of 700+ pageviews a day this site gets, 23 additions to the map in one day just doesn’t cut it. What’s with you paranoid lurkers over yonder? Yes, I’m talkin’ to you! Go on then, add your name and location (picture optional)!

Brother, where art thou?

And The Poop It Kept A-Comin’

Hot Poop is four years old today. Now that may not seem like much but in blogging terms, try multiplying that by 10 to get a feel. Amazingly, I’ve yet to make it to step 3 in the lifecycle of bloggers (*). Anyway, thank you for reading, for your continued support and comments.

(*) I fit the “stats whore” profile only insofar that I check my, um, stats quite regularly.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

There seems to be an increasing amount of problems all over this site when trying to comment, post at the forums or download anything. Some kind people have let me know about this privately since I hadn’t been experiencing the problem all that much myself.
Thanks for that, as for a while I was sitting here feeling like the emperor wearing new clothes (“they no longer love me”, “it’s my breath”, “where’s my Freudian manual, I know I left it close to the sofa”). I have a hunch as to why this is happening though (*cough* new webhost policies *cough*). Will be investigating the phenomenon — and in the mean time, please do comment, if you can…

Update 23/05: fair is fair, dreamhost had nothing to do with this; it be my own stupidity…

Kamikaze Upgrade

Few things are as exciting as an upgrade from WordPress 1.2 to WordPress 1.5. It’s a bit like bungee-jumping, except you’re not quite sure if the guy on top of the bridge buckled you up properly.

But hey, looks like we made it.

In case you’re wondering, you’re looking at WP’s default layout template (as authored by Binary Bonsai, and actually quite lovely if you ask me). Some template-fiddling will be required before these pages are given back their comfy jacket, so bear with me…