Duke Download

Faces In Reflection, a solo-album by George Duke released in 1974, is available for download here. The album hasn’t been re-issued on CD yet. Duke had this to say about it:

I actually like this record. This was the first LP that really said what I wanted to say. The idea was to play intense music and use the voice as a tool for orchestration. (…) I began experimenting with odd time signatures and various synthesizer textures. This was my first solo record using a synthesizer.

Also available: the album Feel from the same year.
And while we’re at it, have a look at Stravinsky in Rehearsal:

In 1947, William Malloch, possessing a sense of history, recorded Igor Stravinsky rehearsing his new revision of his “Symphonies of Wind Instruments in memory of Debussy”. The sound is antique but the picture of what Stravinsky is striving for musically comes through clearly enough.

The Voice Of Cheese: SOFA (2)

VOC #30 features one of several tracks sent in by SOFA (previously), entitled “Searchin’“. SOFA says:

My problem (as usual) is I can’t decide which I should feature. I’m interested in what you two feel is the best “fit” for the series. Attached to this mail is one of the few original tunes we do and that’s why I included it.

… And a sweet tune it is too! Have a listen:


Like it? Download it!

The Voice Of Cheese: Looptron

VOC #29 comes to us from Neil, aka Looptron. The track is called, quite aptly I might add, My Name Is Looptron. Neil says:

This tune (my first “official” track as an electronic-looping-type-musician) is really a proof-of-concept to see how feasible it was for me to do this stuff live. It took several thousand years of preemptive laptop calibrations and software wrangling, three software simulated tape loop delays, some massively re-processed guitar, a software simulated Rhodes piano, a vocoder, slight velocity and pitch randomisers on the drums and synth bass and approximately five minutes and nine seconds to play it all “live”. All instuments were recorded in the same take, although I did tweak an envelope here or a volume there before presenting it for public consumption…

BTW, you really need “Voice of Processed Cheese” category for this kind of crap. :-)

Upon first listen, Dr Sharl who knows about these things, labeled it Tangerine Dream-esque. I concur! Have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

The Voice Of Cheese: Ryan McNealy

VOC #28, ladies ‘n gentlemen — featuring Ryan McNealy, whose nom de plume is Hank Peters. Ryan says:

In order to continue the flow of the wonderful VoC, I thought “what the hell”, and decided to submit my amateurish audio piece to you. It’s called “Adventures Through FM Radio”, and I’m sure as hell that this concept has been done before (and executed better).

The guitar quality sounds a bit iffy in some parts, but this is what you get for being 16 and not able to afford quality microphones.

Either way, VoC must not die! I will threaten you with more content if you even think twice of removing it!

Why thanks for that threat Ryan Hank! Have a listen:


Like it? Download it.


Watch in awe as Finnish band Gregorius rock out on The Village People’s YMCA:

I’m speechless. Brilliant.

Update: Phax, of Finnish persuasion, comments:

The bassist is actually Pekka Pohjola, who played with Finnish prog band Wigwam and Mike Oldfield among others and was reportedly supposed to record with FZ himself, as “FZ especially liked to play with Bassist Pohjola, whom he had met already during his previous visits. He was planning to record something with Pekka, but this plan was never realised.”. Small world eh?

Small world indeed.

Last Bang

Hell freezes over: the Rolling Stones will reportedly quit touring for good after playing London’s O2 Arena this Sunday after 45 years in the music business.

The veteran rockers are believed to have declared that their current A Bigger Bang Tour will be their last because frontman Sir Mick Jagger, 64, and guitarist Keith Richards, 63, will be too old to do another.

I find that quote irresistibly funny for some reason.

The Voice Of Cheese: Ken Duvall

VOC #27 features regular KUR commenter Ken Duvall. Ken says:

OK – Here’s my song Aftermath, recorded a few years ago with the help of my brother Rich, and Skip West. It was at one time a longer piece, but I prefer this short edit…

A homegrown slice of Waka/Jawaka anyone? Have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

The Voice Of Cheese: Mölli & Laoudis

It took a brief interlude, but the VOC is back. Mölli & Laoudis is one of Jari Karjalainen’s pet projects (myspace link). The track — or rather: one of the tracks — he sent in is called “¿Es Rojo?”. Jari says:

I have no idea what I want KUR readers to hear,because it’s all too diverse what’s been coming up on the Voice of Cheese. Mölli & Laoudis might do the trick (both words meaning “jerk, idiot, hillbilly, stupid motherfucker, douchebag” etc., the former in Finnish, the latter in Swedish). “¿Es Rojo?”, with its horrible sound scheme and all, should be played as-is, and everything about it is intentional – even the (arguably) bad quality mp3.

Intriguing eh? Oh, and the mp3 is tagged as Genre: Swing. Thanks for the chuckle, Jari. Have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

Incidently: I have exactly two submissions left in store after this, so unless any of you guys ‘n girls send in new tracks, the end of the VOC is imminent.

It’s been a wonderful musical trip so far: 26 quirky tunes you’ll never hear on the radio. Want to keep it going? Send a note with a bit of info and your mp3 attached to killuglyradio [at] gmail [dot] com — don’t forget to put “KUR Reader Music Submission” as the subject line.

Any and all contributions will be posted here — they need not, I repeat need not, carry any Zappaesque influence. Why, I myself have lined up what could be construed as a pretty cheesy track for this series’ Grand Finale. Critics be damned. Anything goes.

Strange News From Mars

Put away your tinfoil helmets, the above title is an album written, arranged and produced by Jon Larsen. Recorded in Los Angeles in March, it features Zappa alumni Tommy Mars, Bruce Fowler, Jimmy Carl Black and Arthur Barrow.

Surrealism is a key word for Larsen, as it was for Zappa himself, and even if the compositions are all Larsen’s, there is no doubt that the spirit of Zappa infuses the album. This is evident in the air of the compositions, but most of all it is the presence of The Mothers of Invention which Larsen eventually gave key roles in the conceptual make up of the record.

Frank, Gail & Ravel’s Gardener, Sitting In A Tree

At zappa.com’s forums, Wiki Jawaka contributor Maroual asked a question with regard to the omission of Ravel’s Bolero on TBBYNHIYL, and got an answer — from Gail, no less.


I don’t actually know from an official source why the Bolero had to be removed from TBBYNIYL, do you ? Maybe the ZFT did not want to pay royalties and prefered to remove the track.


Interestingly you have used Ravel as an example. Ravel’s Bolero was removed from FZ’s Master in the countries where it was not public domain. We (yeah, I know you trustbusters hate this when I mean me and FRANK) had to ‘post’ a public apology in the newspaper for “perverting” the intent of the composer by FZ’s arrangement and make sure that that the number of copies sold over the course of the following 2 years was limited – when it then went into public domain in the rest of the world. Since Ravel had no progeny his heirs as I recall were related to his gardener and or housekeeper. You live and you learn. — gz

For those who hadn’t heard it yet, here’s FZ’s magnificent version of Ravel’s Bolero. If memory serves, this bit is taken from the Barcelona ’88 gig, as broadcast on Spanish TV.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk

There’s a topic over at MetaFilter about legendary saxplayer Rahsaan Roland Kirk. According to TRFZB, he appears to have joined the Mothers at the 1968 Boston Globe Jazz Festival, and was on the same bill as the MOI for a ’69 jazz tour of the East Coast. Questions:

  • Does anyone know of any footage of these gigs?
  • Does anyone know of any written accounts of them?

Madamjujujive says thanks.