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Zappa Wiki Jawaka: Upgraded

It took some blood, sweat ‘n tears, but Zappa Wiki Jawaka has (finally) been upgraded from its ancient 1.4.2 incarnation to MediaWiki‘s newest, super shiny 1.11.0 version. Spambots be gone! I hope!

Recommended Reading

Looking to read some Zappa-interviews? Zappa Wiki Jawaka contributor Propellerkuh has been adding hard to find, out of print articles like a madman — currently 81 articles available for your reading pleasure. Kudos to all wiki workers!


Hey, never mind that Saddam just got hangedZappa Wiki Jawaka, our ever growing Zappa Encyclopaedia, got dugg! Get yourself a free Digg account, and go and give us a digg, why don’t you…

MOFO Trance-Fusion Confusion

I noticed Maroual has updated the Trance-Fusion page over at Zappa Wiki Jawaka to include cover art and a track list. Kewl! The wiki has grown immensely in the past couple of months by the way, courtesy of some very dedicated contributors — be sure to check it out.
Meanwhile the ZFT has had a good look at the calendar:

Remember when we said the 2 disc MOFO would be in stores before Halloween? That was a mistake… we meant Trance-Fusion. Trance-Fusion will be in stores before Halloween and the little MOFO will be in stores about 2 weeks later.

Cosmik Wiki Jawaka

Service announcement for those slaving over at Zappa Wiki Jawaka: I have it from a trusted source that the wiki’s url will be listed at the beginning of the next revision of Greg Russo’s book Cosmik Debris, which is due for release pretty soon. Youse be gettin’ famous — keep on slavin’! ;)

Addressing Wiki Spam

Zappa Wiki Jawaka has been getting an increasing amount of spam to deal with. Although I’m not very active on the wiki right now (shame on me), I am however subscribed to the Recent Changes RSS feed and have witnessed one after the other clean up from editors after yet another spamming idiot had wreaked havoc on a page. To (hopefully) put an end to this, I’ve installed MediaWiki’s SpamBlacklist extension. We’ll see if it helps…


Well look who’s turned their homepage into a wiki! How long before jumps on the wiki bandwagon? ;)

Calvin & His Hitch-hikers

The True Story of Calvin & His Hitch-hikers, by Cal Schenkel.

It’s A WikiWiki World

Touring Can Make You Crazy is “a new website dedicated to investigate the live entertainment activities of Frank Zappa. It’s a work in progress, so new material will be added every few weeks.” As Unimuta puts it: maybe someone should try to convince Oscar to go wiki? Word of warning though: Wikis can make you crazy

Wiki Zen

There is Zen to be found in Zappa Wiki Jawaka.

Picking Up Momentum

Wiki Jawaka may be less than a month old but it’s really starting to pick up momentum. A ton of information is being added constantly by its tiny userbase, and using the Random Page feature has become one of my daily diversions. Of course, we’re still looking for editors

Zappa Wiki Jawaka: Going Public

I hereby declare Zappa Wiki Jawaka, the wiki open for the general public. It’s only just started so it’ll need your contributions and will fail miserably without them. Want to contribute? Get an account and then read the main page before you jump in. Questions? Suggestions? There’s a Wiki Jawaka chat session taking place today, at my 6pm (CET). The informal chat will be held here (much thanks to Dennis). Be there or be square!