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ZPZ DVD Previews’s what’s new section really needs permalinks, because I can’t link to any entries directly. Which is why I’m copying them here:

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ZPZ DVD Previews, Posted 03 July 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your audio & visual gratification the upcoming Zappa Plays Zappa DVD proudly presents these delights:



The second edition of Zappa Plays Zappa kicks off next July 18, so the Dweez is starting to do interviews again:

It’s been really hard learning a lot of the new stuff. We have a lot more vocal responsibilities this year. We’re taking a lot of material from other eras. (…) Everybody had a good time last year, but it was funny, because we were on stage for over three hours every night, and it was total concentration to make sure that we got through everything as well as we could. So we have elements of that, but this year there’s maybe a touch more breathing room for the band to have a little bit more fun.

Which reminds me: I’ve yet to receive my tickets, purchased over a month ago. Let’s hope the postal services didn’t mess this one up…

ZPZ DVD Trailer!

So: on the slightly renewed ZPZ page here’s the trailer – and also a few words for The Still Hoping European Audiences:

I have already made my own inquiries into the possibilities of increasing the number of European dates. If it can be done it will done.

Dweez On ZPZ

Dweezil’s new post on the ZPZ Tour lineup:

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding the lineup of this year’s tour. I would love to clarify things for all of you.

…and he continues:

I am extremely excited to be able to present some new songs to you this year aided by the talents of our special guest vocalist Ray White. (…) Later in the year we may even have an international reunion with Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio but that has yet to be confirmed. I’ll keep you posted on the status of that as well as any other additions to our lineup.

ZPZ Antwerp: Tickets Now On Sale!

Tickets for Zappa Plays Zappa’s Elisabeth Hall gig in Antwerp (Oct 6) went on sale this morning and by golly: they are flying out the door. When I checked half an hour ago, the entire upper balcony was already sold out. Balcony seats? Ha! I got hold of front row seats for KUR-staff! All three of us! :D

Zappa Plays Zappa ’07’s Special Guest: Ray White

As noted in the comments by KUR’s Intrepid Eastern Europe Correspondent Balint, ZPZ’s summer/fall tour will not feature Napoleon Murphy Brock on vocals. Filling the void, guitarist and vocalist Ray White is said to join the tour instead. GuitarWorld Magazine:

Joining the tour this year is Ray White, the vocalist who toured and recorded with Frank Zappa during the period of such albums as Tinsel Town Rebellion, You Are What You Is and Zappa in New York (his is the lead vocal on the song “The Illinois Enema Bandit”).

We’d mentioned previously that playlists would differ by an approximate 70% (pun anyone?). Here’s the nitty gritty on that. Quoth Dweezil:

“What we’re preparing to do for this tour is perhaps even more complex than what we did on the first tour,” says Zappa. “Last year we learned about 40 songs from a very popular period of Frank’s career, and this year we will be learning about 30 more new ones that are somewhat more obscure. The tour will include material from [the albums] We’re Only In It for the Money, Absolutely Free, Weasels Ripped My Flesh, Joe’s Garage, You Are What You Is, The Yellow Shark and much more, including orchestral works.”

This is looking to be very, very interesting — if you ask me…

New European ZPZ Dates!

And here they are, according to‘s mailing list:

  1. Sep 25, 2007: London, UK – Shepherds Bush Empire
  2. Sep 26, 2007: Tilburg, Netherlands – 013
  3. Sep 27, 2007: Amsterdam, Netherlands – Melkweg
  4. Sep 29, 2007: Fribourg, Germany Switzerland – Le Fri-Son
  5. Sep 30, 2007: Munich, Germany – Circus Krone
  6. Oct 01, 2007: Frankfurt, Germany – Jahrhunderthalle
  7. Oct 03, 2007: Stuttgart, Germany – KKL Beethovensaal
  8. Oct 04, 2007: Erfurt, Germany – Messehalle
  9. Oct 05, 2007: Paris, France – Grand Rex
  10. Oct 06, 2007: Antwerp, Belgium – Elisabeth Hall
  11. Oct 08, 2007: Arhus, Denmark – The Music House
  12. Oct 09, 2007: Stavanger, Norway – Venue To Be Announced
  13. Oct 10, 2007: Bergen, Norway – Peer Gynt
  14. Oct 12, 2007: Oslo, Norway – Sentrum Scene
  15. Oct 13, 2007: Lund, Sweden – Olympen
  16. Oct 14, 2007: Stockholm, Sweden – Cirkus

Never been to the Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp. Does anyone know what the sound quality is of that place? Better than Vorst, I would hope?

Zappa Plays Zappa DVD

Pretty cool news from Dweezil:

Hello Everyone,
For those of you who have been scratching your head and asking yourself, “I wonder what is going on with that ZPZ DVD?” I’ve got good news.


ZPZ: New US Tourdates

Starting July 18 Zappa Plays Zappa is back on the road. Check the tourdates. Unfortunately there will be no Bozzio and no Vai on this leg of the tour. I’ve also read somewhere that the playlist is supposed to be some 70% different from what we’ve seen so far — but don’t quote me on that…


Dweezil says:

I am very pleased to announce that we will be filming and recording in Seattle and Portland for a DVD release in spring 07. I’ll give you all of the details later.
In any case, I can’t thank you enough for doing your part in “The Big Picture.”

Wow. Anyway, some pictures here.

You Are What You Dweez

New videos on the ZPZ tour page – two solos by Dweezil and Vai. My opinion: simply fantastic.

The Making Of MOFO

So the ZFT just sent out another newsletter (which I didn’t receive, thanks Rob!), announcing that “Trance-Fusion is out at long (fill in the blank) last”. The 2-CD version of MOFO is reported to have at least a two week delay (originally set for release on November 7), whilst the 4-CD Limited edition is “a Monster with BIG TEETH and is madly chomping its way through the calendar” — new estimated release date December 4. Oh, and we get thrown a new bone to chew on: a live CD/DVD (?) of Zappa Plays Zappa compilations to be released next year…

Dweezil’s On The Road Again

The newbies: Andy, Call Any Vegetable, Tell Me you Love Me, Who Are The Brain Police, Can’t Afford no Shoes, Willie the Pimp, I’m The Slime, Pound For A Brown, Advance Romance, Black Napkins, The Torture Never Stops, Regyptian Strut.
(Still nothing from the eighties…) Pics here, collected articles here, visitors’ reviews here.

Wherein Barry Blatantly Copies The ZFT Newsletter

… for those who didn’t receive the Zappa Plays Zappa email…

Starting now, you have a chance to bid on premium seats, a tour poster, and access to sound check the night of the show. Starting Wednesday, Sept 27th, ALL Shows (except for Vancouver, which is on-sale at a later date) will run a pre-sale. You can get your tickets for that here. The New Orleans and Cabazon shows will not have auctions – instead, for $100, you will have access to the Zappa Plays Zappa soundcheck, as well as tickets to the show. These tickets are very limited and only available through the Front Gate presale, starting on Wed, Sept 27th.

Auction info & links at

Special guests for all shows are Napoleon Murphy Brock, Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio — although Terry will not be performing at the December 30 show. For full tourdates, check the official site.

Air Guitar Vai

(Via another Barry — thanks, Another Barry!)

Update: video still up over here. Thank god we didn’t end up violating copyright with regard to this seminal performance as caught on tape.