Holland Doc Keeps-A Rockin’

… and you need only click here to find out why. Fear not the Viking-esque prose with funny-looking words (dixit Dr Sharl) — just click through the audio links at the right of the page. Now I must say the whole “we opted for embedded audio because we don’t want you to copy this precious stuff, instead we want you to visit our site if you want a listen because we need to show our bosses that we are actually working deal” is a bit disappointing — but hey: surely, someone with more time and skills will make this available on Uncle Beat at some time. Right? Right.

Zappa On HollandDoc — Not

Remember this? Well, I just received a press-release from the Dutch TV-channel VPRO, stating (roughly translated):

Gail Zappa, widow of Frank Zappa, does not allow Holland Doc to broadcast the 2-part documentary “Frank Zappa – A pioneer of the future of music” by Frank Scheffer. (…) Instead of the aforementioned film, Holland Doc will now broadcast “In The Ocean”, another film by Scheffer, in which Frank Zappa plays a prominent role. Apart from Zappa, this film from 2001 brings together such composers as Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Philip Glass and Louis Andriessen in an attempt to portray the complexity in contemporary music of the past 35 years.

I think I’ll need a new category here, called “Zappa NO Audio/Video”.

Update 04/21: It appears Scheffer’s newest documentary (mentioned above) will be shown on “regular” TV; but not on the digital channel that is Holland Doc. The reason being that the 7 year old contract between the ZFT and Scheffer does not take in account distribution via digital channels. Via Marco.

40 Minute Psychedelic Version (2)

ed-seeman-40-min-psychedelic.jpgYou may recall my mentioning this film by Ed Seeman a while ago. I got to see it recently and thought a little more info could be of (your) interest.

Of the 14 hours of footage Ed shot with Zappa, what’s shown here is a compressed (surprise!) 40 minute version. We see the Mothers recording at Apostolic Studio’s, Greenwich Village NYC ’67, then follow them along their European tour (London, Amsterdam). Included are shots from the Royal Albert Hall rehearsals as well as Zappa on the London sidewalks generally baffling pedestrians by pointing his audio-recording kit at them.

No voice-overs or interviews throughout the film. To make up for that though there’s the fantastic musical score taken from bits of Freak Out!, Absolutely Free and Lumpy Gravy (the all instrumental Capitol version, no less). Notable appearances: Cal Schenkel preparing a doll for the WOIIFTM cover, Suzy Creamcheese, home footage with Gail and baby Moon, Arthur Brown, and the London Groupies.

For more info and to purchase the DVD, visit Ed Seeman’s homepage.

Banned From SNL

… and why am I not surprised that:

Frank Zappa was banned from the show after his hosting stint on October 21, 1978. His distinct sense of humor made him unpopular with the cast and crew. During his performance, he made a habit of reading cue-cards and mugging for the camera, and many cast members (save for John Belushi) deliberately stood far from him during the goodnights.

Via Cynical-C

Kiss YouTube

A little over a year ago I, quite naively, wrote:

If you have some time on your hands, take a look at YouTube. There’s loads of interesting video to watch, including some live Frank Zappa.

… to which KUR regular Birdman! responded:

I didn’t have any luck trying to download these videos. Can they not be downloaded?

But of course! If your default browser is Firefox (which, if you’re on Windows, it should be), check out this add-on. For the rest of you, there’s always KissYouTube.

Apostrophe + OverNite Sensation: Making Of (DVD)

Having been aired on (Swedish? Norwegian) TV previously, this Classic Albums episode is shaping up to be a very cool DVD release:

As ever the programme uses interviews, musical demonstrations, rare archive and home movie footage plus live performances to tell the story behind the conception and recording of these groundbreaking albums

DVD extras (not included in the original broadcast):

Full live performances of Montana from the Roxy in 1973 and I’m The Slime from Saturday Night Live in 1976. New full live performance of Camarillo Brillo by Zappa Plays Zappa done specially for this DVD.

Dweezil On The London Breakfast Show

Ben Cohen writes:

I stumbled across an interview with the Dweez. It’s from the Danny Baker London Breakfast show from around 2005 (I think). They discuss Wild Man Fischer, and the Hendrix guitar among other things. Danny Baker is clearly a Zappa fan but doesn’t ask too many questions we haven’t heard before – presumably as that would alienate his audience.

An interesting talk, have a listen: