All About Crumb

I thoroughly envy Robert Crumb. Not for his shall-we-say wacky family background, mind you. It’s his incredible drawing talent I envy – combined with the sort of merciless self-criticism that only the truly great inflict upon themselves.

Art? I would say it is. Here at Casa Barry I frequently find myself perusing “La Historia De Mi Vida“, “Mis Problemas Con Las Mujeres“, “Mode O’Day” and “El Gato Fritz” for inspiration (spanish editions procured by Dr Sharleena, which is good because since my knowledge of spanish is limited to melon con jamon de mi corazon, it leaves me with only the drawings to focus on). Crumb’s currently working on “a ‘literal’ interpretation of Genesis” and there’s an exhibition of his work at the Kln Ludwig Museum (until Sept 12). Long may he keep on truckin’.


I’m sure by now you know: The Simpsons will feature an episode wherein one of the characters outs his or her self as being gay. Who’d ya think it’s gonna be? My bet’s on Mr. Burns. Smithers&lÅ´;/a> is way too obvious, Marge’s sisters are simply asexual anyway, Moe‘s a frustrated butt pincher, Barney is, well, turned on by beer. Your thoughts? Could it be one of the Flanders? Krusty?