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Friday’s Magic Fingers: Oakland ’75

We’re going to try something a little different today. You may know Magic Fingers from The Big Note, as the man who gave us the Variation Variations, or perhaps as a man who likes to wear funny hats. This week he’s agreed to provide a Friday Boot Show and some explanation as to why this […]

Pictures Of You

These photos here were taken by our own very esteemed Magic Fingers on the Reading concert during 1975 (OMG!! WTF!!!8888 There he is…! Awesome!!!) :-) I’m very fond of this sort of pictures, and given the fact that the core of this website is the fans, and their experience as such, we could have a […]

Lukewarm Poop From November 27th through November 29th

UbuWeb Sound – Edgard Varèse – “Les Mémorables d’Edgard Varèse (French radio broadcasts) “ – FZ discography – Back online. You can start breathing again now :-) The Hardest Habit to Break? : idly [dot] org – “Do you double-space after periods and question marks?” Here’s lookin’ at you, Magic Fingers ;-) YouTube – […]

Hamburg ’76

This week’s Friday Boot, courtesy of Gilles, takes us back to Hamburg (again!), February 20, 1976 — exactly one month after a couple of Australian gigs which were later released by the ZFT as FZ:OZ (wiki). Check it out. Oh, and as an extra, I’m leaving Magic Fingers’ Hamburg ’88 offering online for another week.

Zappa Plays Zappa: Fall Tour!

It’s that moment we’ve all been waiting for here in the Old Continent: ZPZ hits Europe today, playing at Shepherds Bush Empire, London this very evening. I know Magic Fingers is attending, so I’ll be interested to read his review. Next up: the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France… and Belgium! If you attend any of these […]

Greetings From Ghent

The Magic Fingers Tribe came over for the weekend. The photographical evidence is overwhelming: … and then on Saturday evening along came my pal Franky. We played some of our greatest hits: Mrs Magic proved to be a fan: … and so did Dr Sharl: … and then — this is about 3 am — […]

Cuyahoga Falls ’84

Good morning, and where’s the aspirin? We’re having Mr and Mrs Magic Fingers over for the weekend which, so far, has meant loads of fun — and Grimbergen. Anyway: on to this week’s Friday Boot which happens to be Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 12 August 1984. Yes, you read right: 1984. Enjoy…

Towson ’88

While I may be on hiatus, Gilles certainly isn’t. This week’s Friday Thursday Boot: Towson, 23 March, 1988. Oh, and as a bonus Sir Magic Fingers’ latest offering will remain online for another week. Enjoy…

Rotterdam ’84

Now why, I hear you ask, is that Magic Fingers deigning to give us a show from the ’84 tour this week? Particularly as this tour happens to reside somewhere near the bottom of his list of favourite tours. That’s not entirely accurate. This tour resides firmly at the bottom; indeed, many of the shows […]

Brussels ’78

KUR presents another Magic Fingers Friday: Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, 26/2/78. Sir Magic writes: There’s some great playing throughout, particularly Frank’s melodic Torture solo, the various Pound for a Brown solos, and, later in the show, the King Kong/Wild Love/Yo Mama trio; half an hour of sheer delight. More…

A Variation Variations Special

One of my favorite FZ tracks is the Zappa In New York version of Cruisin’ For Burgers of which, unfortunately, there are not many live versions around. I mentioned this to Magic Fingers a while ago, and behold: as my birthday present last week, he had prepared a Variation Variations Special: Cruisin’ For Burgers ’88. […]

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Remember my sneaking suspicion? Well I was right! Except, the party lasted the entire weekend and the company surpassed my wildest guesses. In order of appearance: Magic Fingers of The Big Note and “Variation Variations” fame, and his lovely wife Indra who does a killer imitation of Carol Beer; Balint of the great who […]

Seattle ’81

Your humble reporter is back! He can be seen here wearing a tie in the company of one Magic Fingers who got married to The Love Of His Life that same day. Won’t bore you with holiday stories such as how we managed to almost miss every single plane we had to catch. A grand […]

The PMRC Letters In Print

With a hat tip to our pal of British persuasion Magic Fingers, KUR obtained scans of the original PMRC documents as they were sent out by Frank Zappa during (and following) the PMRC hearings back in ’85. Most of the documents were sent out as a package or kit to give guidance and background information […]

London Blues

Back from London, and my legs have officially turned into jelly. (Physique? What physique?) A mighty good time was had though, including a night on the town with Magic Fingers of ETPro fame. Took lots of pictures, most of which are none of your bloody business, but this little item spotted in Soho had a […]