Hamburg ’76

This week’s Friday Boot, courtesy of Gilles, takes us back to Hamburg (again!), February 20, 1976 — exactly one month after a couple of Australian gigs which were later released by the ZFT as FZ:OZ (wiki).

Check it out. Oh, and as an extra, I’m leaving Magic Fingers’ Hamburg ’88 offering online for another week.

8 Responses to “Hamburg ’76”

  1. Ohhhhhr says:

    Nice quality for such an old recording! Much better than the Zappa Radio, it was a good idea but man these guys love to butcher the songs up :-(

  2. artie tripp III fan says:

    After the 88 show I thought there’d be a Mothers of Invention show.

    Thank you, will download it shortly

  3. Roland says:

    This was my very first FZ concert. The ticket cost DM 18.-, I sat in row 24 on seat 7 (I still have the concert ticket!). At that time, I was a bit disappointed, that George Duke wasn´t touring with the band any more. As far as I remember, the encores have been Dinah Moe Humm, Camarillo Brillo and Muffin Man. Listening back to it, I don´t like Napoleon Murphy Brock butchering the songs with his singing very much. But anyway, at the time I thought it was brilliant. I have seen FZ six times altogether: 4 times in Hamburg and 2 times in Kiel, Germany.

  4. Harmless Ted says:

    Another interesting concert. Sound quality gets better later in the show. Seems we are missing an encore here though…

  5. bernard says:

    Strange discovery. It’s about similarities corossings bridges between various arts.

    One might say: the closest art to music is dance.

    Yesterday the great choreogrpher Maurice Bejart died. He made an obsolete art popular again. Big successes ( packed ” audiences”) while maintaining artistic honesty & seriousnes.


    Quote : His formula for enthralling them was to surprise in the first five minutes of a work, and then by turns shock, delight and amuse, finally reducing them to tears with a poignant ending. There will be many tears at this finale.

    Very FZ like, isn’t it?

  6. mudshark91 says:

    hi love your blog any one know where to split the discs so i can burn this off?

  7. Birdman! says:

    Ahh, another week of very hot poop. mudshark91 – the break would be between “Honey Don’t You Want A Man Like Me” and “Illinois Enema Bandit”.

    Is “Torture” only 7:46 long, 14,571 KB, or did it cut short when I downloaded it? It seems to cut in the middle of a pretty fantastic and doomy guitar solo, and “Chungas Revenge” doesn’t sound like it picks up where “Torture” left off.

  8. Jamez says:

    Arrgghhh!!! I missed Friday’s Boot, as I was getting drunk at a work’s party. Oh well, at least the drinks were absolutely free! Excuse the pun..

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