Missing Links: RDNZL, Cosmik Debris – Stockholm

Have you seen the Stockholm show, 1973? You did? Maybe the 50 minute version. But here are some missing gems, previously unseen (at least by me): RDNZL and Cosmik Debris.
Great tunes! Watch the fun the band has during and after RDNZL! Sooooo good!!!
(provided by bongolamp)

Update: bongolamp has just uploaded Kung Fu and Penguin In Bondage! (I’ve also updated it on my page)
Thank you, man!

12 Responses to “Missing Links: RDNZL, Cosmik Debris – Stockholm”

  1. bongolamp says:

    Kill ugly radio is the best!
    Please dance me this:

  2. Balint says:

    Hi bongolamp! Nice to see you here – and a huuuuge thanks for the videos!
    About ’73 Stockholm: where did you managed to get it? A really valuable thing! I wonder if there’s a way to see the whole show, maybe, in one way or another (with Penguin in Bondage and Kung Fu)…
    Thanks again!

  3. Balint says:

    Hi bongolamp! Nice to see you here – and a huuuge thanks for all the videos you’ve shared!
    By the way: this recording of RDNZL is a gem, a real rarity – is there a way to see the whole show, is it possible in any way? (Incl. Penguin In Bondage and Eric Dolphy MBbq) That would be great!

  4. Harmless Ted says:

    Great music! Awful trousers!

  5. bongolamp says:

    Hi Balint!
    Did you say you want some more?
    Well, here’s some more…

  6. boleskine says:

    The tonality of this band was mindblowing, and the guitar solo in RDNZL is truly magificent. I’ve had this for a while on the Stockholm In Bondage DVD and I always go back to it every few months. It’s a pity they didn’t play ‘Brown Shoes’ during this show i’d love to see footage of ’73 version

  7. scott says:

    ‘Join the march and eat my starch!”


  8. Balint says:

    Hey, bongolamp, your collection is just fantastic, I can’t get bored of this! One question: I think only one part is missing from your ’73 Stockholm post, and that is Dupree’s intro, by George Duke, this one (in a strange, compressed fromat).
    With that this would be a whole show!
    By the way: are all the songs form the same show?… FZ wears another coat on some songs.

  9. Birdman! says:

    Balint – I had the same question, and I think all of the songs are from the same show. In the new tracks it looks to me like Zappa has taken off the plaid coat and is wearing a maroon turtle neck sweater. You can see that he is wearing the same sweater under the jacket in the old, incomplete version of the show. Maybe he started feeling hot after the guitar solos in “Dupree’s Paradise” and “Farther Oblivion”
    This video is fantastic! Is there anyway of making a torrent of the complete show?

  10. Birdman! says:

    Correction – that’s not a turtleneck. In the earrlier part of the show, he has the collar zipped all the way up, so it looks like one.

  11. bongolamp says:

    Yes i miss the first part of Dupree’s paradise, i’ll check
    You can see all the info here:
    That’s what i know about it.
    But anyone can help me to buy the same kind of turtleneck?
    I like it!!!!

  12. wysi says:

    Absolutely incandescent RDNZL! Thanks for posting the vids, bongolamp.

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