Son Of T’Mershi Duween

Andrew Greenaway’s regularly updated Idiot Bastard Son Zappa fan-site has found a new home — a Dot Com™, no less! Gone are the occasional questionable pop-up ads and unrequested spyware downloads (which were beyond his control, obviously). Time to update your bookmark, or bookmark now if you hadn’t already:

3 Responses to “Son Of T’Mershi Duween”

  1. srcepotmtan says:

    (off topic)

    Damn, that Put A Motor In Yourself is a GREAT piece of music.

  2. The Idiot says:

    Thanks for the plug, boo.

  3. urbangraffito says:

    Great site, Andrew. I like what you did to the place. The new end tables were a really nice touch along with the lava lamps and the black light posters, and the easy chairs were so comfy, I could’ve spent all night…

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