Kansas City ’74

Dr Sharl and I are preparing for a nice little weekend-trip to Antwerp — and ZPZ obviously. While we’re out of the office, enjoy this week’s Friday Boot: Kansas City, 8 March 1974: a bunch of classic FZ tunes if ever I saw one.

10 Responses to “Kansas City ’74”

  1. Harmless Ted says:

    This is a very good concert! I love this band: excellent musicians, beautiful music, frank in a funny mood… Thanks for posting!

  2. giantalbinopenguin says:

    Nice sound – good clear percussion, Ruth going full tilt!

  3. artie tripp III fan says:

    Brilliant. you’ve surpassed yourself

  4. LRonHoover says:

    AND the mp3 tags are purrfect! love this band always and forever. get down with your bad self, so to speak!

  5. urbangraffito says:

    Have yourselves a fantastic time in Antwerp — and at ZPZ, for sure. I’ll have to console myself with Kansas City 74 in the meanwhile.

  6. scott says:


    No! Correct English usage dictates that you say A TWERP.
    When using ‘a’ or ‘an’, if the word following the article begins with a vowel, you use ‘an’. In the case of Antwerp, the article precedes a word beginning with a consonant. Hence, A twerp.

    It’s Friday. I’m drinking.
    Don’t let your meat loaf in a twerp.

  7. Sterbus says:

    I think, therefore I’ll download this.

  8. Flavio says:


  9. matt says:

    Great gig! I love the reaction of the audience to the fact that Jeff Simmons is in the band. And those early versions of Andy and Pogen rock my world!!


  10. Roscoe Bledsoe says:

    The Penguin Released!?

    I think the Penguin In Bondage mp3 be missing?!!

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