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4 Responses to “ZPZ:OZ”

  1. Balint says:

    I just noticed between the reviews in the ZPZ forum that one of the shows was opened by Dog/Meat! Wow! Dweezil was said to say this is the mix of the “Dub Room – Yellow Shark version”.

  2. P-Rip says:

    A few nice photos I took, Aug 17, Dodge Theater, Phoenix, AZ. I think the crowd was a bit smaller this year. Pretty much the same mix of local musicians and geezers dragging their kids…some more willingly than others. The show was great and Ray White was excellent.


  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Hey P-Rip: I’d noticed and bookmarked that link for possible future posting. No need for that now, I reckon. Great pics though.

  4. Josh says:

    I got to see ZPZ in LA on Thursday, and here’s the setlist:

    Black Napkins (With FZ on the big screen)
    City of Tiny Lights
    Advance Romance
    Dumb All Over (FZ Vocals)
    What’s New in Baltimore?
    Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
    Dog Meat
    Suzy Creemcheese
    Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
    America Drinks and Goes Home
    Peaches en Regalia
    Pygmy Twylyte
    Dupree’s Paradise
    Uncle Remus
    Willie the Pimp
    Joe’s Garage
    Wind Up Workin in a Gas Station
    San Berdino
    Illinois Enema Bandit
    Wild Love
    Yo Mama
    Cosmik Debris (FZ Vocals and solo)
    G-Spot Tornato
    Muffin Man (FZ solo from Baby Snakes)

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