Columbus ’71

What’s that saying again, “misery loves company”? Aah yes, that’s the one. Earlier today my car decided it would be a good idea to drop dead on me, and thought the event would be even more exciting were it to occur while its owner was lost in the middle of nowhere. Well, mission accomplished, you worthless bloody ’93 build Renault Laguna piece of motorized French crap.

Luckily, Dr Sharl managed to call in a cab for me. The twenty minute drive home cost me 25 euro. Hint: don’t ever take a taxi in Belgium.

All this to present you with this week’s Friday Boot — on a Thursday: Columbus, Ohio, 23 May 1971. I’ll be off for most of the day tomorrow having the old git towed to the garage and generally throwing around money for no apparent reason.

Meantime: enjoy, and behave.

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  1. timmo says:

    i was just thinking it was almost time for tomorrow, and another fz aural treat .. now it feels like christmas eve! i mean, i never opened anything before the big day, really..

  2. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:

    You don’t need to be in Missouri to love company, Barry!
    I too have a ’93 piece of crap, albeit American made (which actually makes it more so, depending on who ya talk to), that I have been throwing considerable money at lately…
    I also have an American Mechanic (unemployed and moonlighting – which should tell me something, but doesn’t seem to until after it’s too late), who does not always diagnose the trouble correctly; so the money I save by going to him instead of a high-priced garage is usually negated by repairing stuff that isn’t broke until he finds the REAL trouble…
    And my car is my livelihood.
    Been thinking about buying a slightly newer, Japanese piece of crap…

  3. jim says:

    Gosh, it IS an early Xmas for all the wee freakuloids … how could I have forgotten the mighty BWANA DIK? Hmm, haven’t seen a live Fillmore See-Dee at the local music-caves yet, BUT … these are sure a joy.

    CC on ffwd WITH A BULLET! Car trouble, eh? Go on, tell yourselves that Zappa’s GREMLIN reference is mere synchronicity!

  4. urbangraffito says:

    freakuloids — gotta love that word, thanks jim!

  5. mediocre says:

    Tip #2: don’t ever take a taxi in the Netherlands.

    Also: That looks like an awesome set! Looks just like the thing I need right now….Bwana Dik!

  6. don't mention the war says:

    missing tracks for 1971 05 23 columbus ohio. for you completists…

    do you like my new car + happy together

  7. Balint says:

    King Kong is pretty fine! Check it out! (With a little bit of Igor’s Boogie, I think)

  8. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    @ “don’t mention the war”: that link doesn’t work for me. If you could re-upload the tracks, I’ll add them to the FB-download page.

  9. don't mention the war says:

    should be workin noe (mediafir has been temporarily offline…) hope the tracks fit into your gap…

  10. Rob says:

    These 2 tracks are already at the end of a long track 7, before King Kong.

  11. don't mention the war says:

    so there’s nothing missing?!

    i haven’t listened to the boot @fb for i already have it.. so, .. err … nice weekend altogether…

  12. man with the woman head says:

    Just a thank you for providing this great service. Do you take requests? I’d love to hear a show from summer 75 to offer a Beefheart alternative to Bongo Fury, and also a show with Lady Bianca in it from 76.

    Great job!

  13. Anthony says:

    I second Man With The Woman Head. However, if you are to post something from the ’76 tour, can it be one of the shows with the rare original version of “I’m So Cute”?

  14. Magnus says:

    This version seems to be the wrong speed, just a bit too fast.

  15. Frank B. says:

    Renault = French crap = >IN FRANCE

  16. Jamez says:

    Speaking of Lady Bianca, when I saw the clip of her on the ‘Classic Albums’ DVD I immediately thought of Sly and the Family Stone (woman with Blonde ‘fro) and, sure ’nuff, I found that she’s on his 1976 album ‘Heard Ya Missed Me’!

  17. scott says:

    “…you worthless bloody ‘93 build Renault Laguna piece of motorized French crap.”

    Isn’t that odd? Just after a stinging personal tragedy you’d think
    KARMA would balance out for awhile. No Fuckin’ Way.

  18. Lady Bianca says:

    Hello loves, I would like to see a dvd with me on it too…somebody let me know how to get a peak at that.

    I would be very grateful

    Lady Bianca

  19. Dr Sharleena says:

    Lady Bianca! Good to know you’re reading this.
    I’m pretty sure there’s legions of fans awaiting to see you on a FZ dvd, though I don’t think I’ve ever found one with you on it. Anybody?

  20. Balint says:

    Oh yes! There’s a tiny bit of her performance from 1976 on the “Classic Albums” (Overnite/Apostrophe) DVD! But there (somewhere) should be more!!!

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