Miami ’69

Wow, that sucked: as you may have noticed, we were off the airwaves for some 12 hours (details here). Anyway, I’m glad to present you with this Friday’s Boot, all be it a bit late: Thee Image, Miami, Fl, March 1969 — exact date uncertain. Vintage Mothers though. Enjoy the trip.

6 Responses to “Miami ’69”

  1. Bert says:

    Date is more likely 3/15 or 3-16/68 acording to source

  2. BillyDaMt says:

    Whoo hoo!
    another show from the 60’s that I don’t have.

  3. timmo says:

    according to donlope/fz they say Thee Image, Miami, Florida
    February 7-8, 1969

  4. giantalbinopenguin says:


  5. Duncan says:

    If it is Buzz Gardner it must be the 7th or 8th February 1969 but then Lowell George should be in there too.

    Now I’m going to have to track down a copy of Behind The Sun :)

  6. BillyDaMt says:

    Ok, so regardless of when it was 3-15/16, 1968 or 2-6/7, 1969
    this show is very good.
    The Billy guy from the audience is out of his ever loving mind.
    Great OCLT Medley.

    Thanks for bringing this gem to us.

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