Big Trouble In Little Zappa Straße

Remember this? The naming of Zappa Straße is rapidly turning into a classic Gail Zappa vs The Rest Of The World type event:

This Saturday, the city of Berlin will dedicate a street to the memory of Frank Zappa. But Gail Zappa, wife of the late rock iconoclast, has threatened to sue the musicians’ collective behind the naming unless Germany’s formally-chartered Zappa fan club withdraws from the event.

Who’s right, who’s wrong?
Here’s Ed Mann‘s opinion, as I received it via email:
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Rotterdam ’84

Now why, I hear you ask, is that Magic Fingers deigning to give us a show from the ’84 tour this week? Particularly as this tour happens to reside somewhere near the bottom of his list of favourite tours. That’s not entirely accurate. This tour resides firmly at the bottom; indeed, many of the shows from this tour have their own special “Aw, spare me, please” category (which is, I expect, a cue for a “is a bad FZ show still better than most other stuff you are ever likely to hear?” discussion).

But not, it has to be said, this one.

Why? Well, although not exactly a standard ’84 setlist, I would hardly call it inspirational either, and there is certainly very little inspiration from Frank and the boys during the first half of the set. But be patient, boys and girls. Struggle through the first half until those little furry blue creatures from your youth (well, some of your youths, I’m sure) decide to take over, and your wait will have been worthwhile.

And if you don’t find yourself laughing your cotton socks off through the second half, then Barry and I, nice chaps that we are, will give you your money back, no questions asked…

Bring On The Bubble Machine

You know what happens when your posting average goes down, because you’re kinda busy? People start sending you links, thinking that you must have run out of stuff to post. So without further ado, here’s a select bunch of them, for your consuming pleasure.

The Voice Of Cheese: Max Urban (Jane23)

VOC #25 features a track called Kill Ugly Audio, submitted by Max Urban, aka Jane23 (currently defunct link: Max says:

It’s actually three pieces strung together.

The first piece is: How Do You Think? from my 1986 release: Phlegm Fatale which was a big hit in Europe and on college radio in the US. I sang and played all the instruments.

The next piece is called Seriosa, it was originally written for and played by the Dorian Woodwind Quintet in 1972. It also appears on the Phlegm Fatale album but in a synthesized version. The scratchy record sound was artificially induced.

The third piece is called Weird Phone Stuff and features Moon and Dweezil Zappa who decided to call my answering machine one day in order to leave some humorous comments about Phlegm Fatale. Weird Phone Stuff was released in 1993 under the name the Stool Sisters and was the B side to a song called Kill Whitey which was not a hit anywhere.

Any questions?

Erh no, that pretty much fills us in on the details Max!
Great tune, check it out:


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Mad Scientists

Any article that starts off by stating that “Every artform, and every genre within a given artform, needs its Frank Zappa” is sure to provide an interesting read. Another quote:

Even when attempting to encompass the whole world in a single work of art, and then trying it again from a radically different angle within six months of the first effort, the Zappas are comic. They see the futility of trying to take it all in at once, but do it anyway. They’re prolific and protean because they understand that a single lens only gives us one view of the world, but a multiplicity of viewpoints might show us the full spectrum of life.

Eat that, Justin Timberfake.

The Voice Of Cheese: Adam Irving

VOC #24 comes to us from Adam Irving. Adam says:

The name is Adam Irving, been a musician (currently gigging and recording as half of Me&jay) and writer for ten years or so. Name of track is ‘Hocket’. Its a solo piece with me on all instruments (tiny cheap keyboard massively processed and a guitar) the object of the piece, if any, is to work towards a piece without chords, time signature or melody, but that somehow stays together.

Have a listen:


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