Vienna ’82

No special reason for presenting this show for your aural delight, apart from the wonderfully unusual opener in Strictly Genteel, and the fact that this is yet another great show from a truly great tour. That’s it folks.

8 Responses to “Vienna ’82”

  1. timmo says:

    82 tour, yeah thank you!
    the year i was born!
    sound quality is excellent :)

  2. Balint says:

    “90 min of this show are available in excellent quality, but the complete recording that circulates sound quite good too. The setlist is close to perfect, and we get some rather unique moments too – had Frank been slightly more inspired in his guitar playing, this would be one of the really essential shows from this tour. Still, highly recommended!”
    – as John Naurin says.

  3. Balint says:

    “…Sofa and finally Stevie’s Spanking, where Dweezil comes onstage to deliver a solo. The Vai influence on the young Zappa is very obvious, but it’s a damn impressive solo for a 12-year-old, no doubt.”

  4. jim says:

    Wow, this IS a toasty leetle sooker!
    No reason at all is the 2nd best – right after Music!
    Have an Optional weekend!

  5. jonnybutter says:

    Great Frank solo in ‘Cleveland’; a nice surprise compared with the usual boring ‘jazz’ solos you usually get on that tune. Good concert!

  6. McWazoo says:

    Perfect!Thanks!Enjoy it all the people!!!

  7. Grimpoteuthis says:

    Thank you. Great sound. Great Show. Great Setlist.

  8. DD says:

    Great solos. Thanks!

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