The Voice Of Cheese: Murray Walters

VOC #19! We’ve had loads of wonderful submissions so far — I honestly can’t say I’ve disliked any single one of them. It just goes to show that KUR readers are smart, creative people! What sets this entry apart though is the guitar/vocal-only approach. The track is called “Dragon Smile”, and I for one happen to like it a lot.

Murray says:

Goddam having a surname like Walters! I have been going through a tough period musically and your timely words were a good kick in the arse. The tune goes out to describe the restrictions and ‘prisons’ we create for ourselves through excessive behaviour or imbibance in certain… substances! I have always seen the smile of a dragon as one of full of wisdom and malice, where the dragon sits and waits for the certain mistake to come so that punishment can be dealt out.

Have a listen:


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3 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: Murray Walters”

  1. Heavy, Mr. Walters – very heavy…
    Being one who has imbibed (and employed excess) most of my life, I relate acutely to that desire to conquer/control the Dragon’s Smile.
    It can be done, to be sure. “Just say No” really works. But ya gotta wanna – and wanting to is the teeth in that damn lizard’s smile…
    Some folks have to kill the Dragon completely, they can’t control it. I’m trying to keep the beast moderated.
    Humankind has ‘imbibed’ its entire existence. I figure if controlled – moderated – then you do no more than what man has always done. But choose your substances with care. My present rule of thumb is: if it’s natural, it’s okay (when moderated); if it’s man-made, just say no…
    Know your limits; set them; stick to them.
    I wish you luck.

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