The Voice Of Cheese: Ezekiel Hubbard

VOC #17! The track: The Original Soup. Purpetrator Ezekiel Hubbard says:

It was recorded on a battered Tascam 488 8-track cassette deck, the bass & drum (myself and Clay Stricklin, respectively) tracks were recorded live, with the last 3rd of the performance being improvised. About a week later I composed and overdubbed the remaining instrumental parts, which consist of a few guitars and two alto saxophones. The title evolved – as these things do – from some dialog while establishing our recording plans, in which I declared something akin to “I just need to throw some soup at my sister and I’ll be right over”, which struck Clay as amusing for some reason.

The soup in question was spinach soup. Have a listen:


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6 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: Ezekiel Hubbard”

  1. …ok, I have to say it,
    mainly because I’m italian: why not produce an album with all those unbeatable tracks?

  2. Very nice! Great juxtaposition of chordage and rhythms…

    Only a double disk? I easily envision a 12 disk set: The History and Collected Inprovisations of Kill Ugly Radio. The potential for bootlegging alone makes the project even more enticing.
    We could ask Cal to assist with cover art, as he has with the affz releases. And if he’s not into it, maybe the Grand Wazoo would accept the challenge…

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