15 thoughts on “It’s Dr Sharl’s Birthday!”

  1. No, Mums are flowers… Which go well with a Birthday (hint).
    Frog Legs are awesome – if caught and prepared correctly. I used to tag along on frog hunts with a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, when stationed in Japan.
    We caught some monsters and they were great eating!
    The true beauty of 2 distinct cultures coming together is the sharing of those cultures; I’m proud of you for trying them Barry. It takes some cohones to get past the dirty little lips…

  2. Many happy freaky zesty returns to the nice lady (“trust her, she’s a Doctor…”) from one sick twisted little fucker … whoa girl, it’s gotta just pump you up t’get your own KUR tribute (I both saw & enjoyed that header pic) … personally, I fully intend to get my own time machine, return to 1965, & become the world’s first existential litigant by suing the Dominion of Canada for allowing me to be born – child abuse, natch. I figure the interest from the 1980’s alone should mean I’m a multi-billionaire when I get back here to circa 2007.

    Now you know why I always get a seat to myself on the bus.

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